Call of the Night Singers

Call of the Night Singers - Ari McKay
Editions:Kindle - Second Edition: $ 4.99 USD
Pages: 81

When Garland Heatherford is named heir to his uncle’s vast fortune, he isn’t pleased by the honor, and with good reason. The last five heirs all met with most untimely deaths – four of them from drowning. Although loathe to accept his inheritance, Garland nevertheless travels to the “cursed” town of Bath, North Carolina, to meet his aged uncle, hoping to avoid the fate of his predecessors. But Garland has something in his favor the other heirs didn’t: his lover, Geoffrey Wainwright.

The sight of the decaying hulk of Heatherford House dismays both men, yet they have little choice but to enter a world where a miasma of horror lies beneath a veneer of breeding, and madness and death seem to lurk in every corner. Ruling over all is the presence of sinister Roderick Heatherford, who has managed to outlive five young, healthy heirs despite his allegedly poor health. When an unexpected illness strikes Garland and he begins to sleepwalk, lured from bed by singing only he can hear, Geoffrey resolves to protect Garland from every danger – even if it costs him his own life.

Reviews: Faye Kennedy on Amazon wrote:

A fabulous book I can highly recommend I loved this. Professor Geoffrey read a poetry for an audience little did he know how it would change his life. He meets Garland and they become a couple but when Garland gets a notification that he's becoming and heir to an estate he's less than pleased about it. The Estate had 6 previous heirs all had died, 5 of them drowning.
The estate settled in Bath which had be rumored to have cursed..As they neared to house they certainty see its ruined run down state. A demolishing maybe a good option. On there first night there Garland becomes ill which arises there suspicions. What happens next as they encounter danger and intrigue. This book is a must. (Amazon.Au)

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