Bobby Transformed

by Blake Allwood

Bobby Transformed - Blake Allwood
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Pages: 234


After leaving a bad relationship as well as being laid off from his job at a big newspaper, Bobby Devereaux faced his demons by writing a novel featuring his ex as the villain. Little did Bobby know that his life would change after sending the novel to a former coworker who had recently been hired by a publisher in New York.

Through some interesting twists and turns, Bobby is transformed from a gritty reporter to a graphic novelists.

Liam is the new CEO of Rickard Publishing and one year after his father stepped down and left him with a major mess, Liam is forced to find a novel that changes his luck or face being kicked out of the CEO position that's been occupied by one of his family members for generations.

Bobby Devereaux sweeps into Liam's life and not only saves the day with his creative and quirky novel, but he also finds a way to break the ice walls surrounding Liam's heart. The question is, can their love survive gossiping exes, nasty critics and a father who runs off with Liam's ex?

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“Listen, I know you’re busy, so I won’t stay long, but I have questions that need to be answered. Are you interested in me? I mean really interested, like for more than just someone you can get to write books for you?”

He stared at me. I swear he was giving me the same look he had the day before, which was why I thought maybe he wanted me for more than … well, for more than writing books.

When he didn’t respond, I got up and started pacing the huge office.


“Okay, well that says a lot right there. I guess I got my wires crossed and thought you might want more. Now my agent is telling me to walk on fucking eggshells not to piss you off, so you don’t crush my book or something. So, here’s the deal. If you wanna control me, Mr. Rickard, then you need to give that shit up ’cause I’m not someone to control or manipulate. I’m my own man and all I owe you—or really, all I owe your company—is what we have contracted.” I was beginning to feel my juices flowing. “I offer you respect, and when I fuck up, I apologize like a respectable person. But you aren’t better than me, and if you plan on crushing my writing ‘cause I don’t bow down and kiss your fucking feet, then you can shove all of it.”

I turned to leave and didn’t even notice he’d gotten up out of his seat. When I turned around, just about to blow my final gasket, he took my face gently in his hands and said, “Yes.”

I couldn’t for the life of me understand what he was saying yes to.

“Yes, what?”

He smiled, the crooked way people do when they’re being a little ornery, and said, “You asked me if I’m interested in you for more than just the books you write, and the answer is yes. It might be stupid, could be inappropriate, but the answer is still yes.”

I stared at him for a long moment and still on an adrenaline high, reached up and pulled him down to me, crushing my mouth into his. He returned my kiss with equal passion, the two of us tangled into each other, when Irene cleared her throat.

I pulled back so fast and so far, that I bumped into the wall of books that stood next to the doorway.

Irene was obviously trying not to smile, and she kept her head bowed. When I looked at Liam, his face was glowing red, but his eyes were on me like an animal about to attack prey.

I pulled in a breath as Irene said, “Your lunch appointment is here,” and darted out the door.

“Fuck.” I said in a whisper, afraid the person he was meeting next would hear me. I was just about to leave when an older woman walked into the room. She was tall and thin, the perfect mix of New York sophistication. Her hair was coiffed beautifully and the aroma that came in with her was intense and expensive.

She looked over at Liam, then at me, and cocked her eyebrow in the same way Liam usually did.

Fuck, it’s his mother. Of course, it’s his mother.

“Well, Mr. Rickard,” I quickly recovered. “I think that pretty much covers my questions.”

Even saying that made me blush, and when the woman noticed she laughed out loud. I had visions of Christine Baranski on the Good Fight right before she filleted someone.

“I’ll leave you to your next appointment,” I said, ready to run like a scared child from the room.

“Oh, no you’re not,” she said, stopping me dead in my tracks. “I see I’ve come at an inopportune time, which, of course, is a mother’s greatest achievement. Mister…”

She waited for me to give her my name.

“Devereaux,” I said, ready to wilt and die.

Her eyes got big and she looked over at her son, who was clearly equally mortified. Which, truthfully, gave me more satisfaction than it should have.

“You are Mr. Bobby Devereaux, star writer of our latest books?” she asked. “That’s lovely,” she purred, and looked back at Liam. “I’m sure your father will be very pleased. Mr. Devereaux, it would be a huge honor if you’d join us for lunch. Wouldn’t it, darling?”


About the Author

Blake Allwood was born in Tennessee, then moved to Kansas City MO after attending college in Lamoni, Iowa. He met his husband in 1995 and officially married in 2015, once gay marriage was legalized. In 2017, he and his husband sold their home, purchased an RV and began traveling the country with their two dogs, Buddy and Denver. Their travels provide the inspiration and settings for many of his novels.

Aiden Inspired (Apr 2019) is his first published novel, featuring two unique characters from New York and Washington State who meet and develop an unlikely bond. His second novel, Suzie Empowered (Feb 2020), is a followup featuring Aiden's sister Suzie as she overcomes her fear of relationships with straight men due to a sexual assault in high school. In March, Blake will return to gay romance with his release of Bobby Transformed and plans to release a new gay romance each month for the remainder of 2020.

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