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Bloodied Venom

by J. Hali Steele

Bloodied Venom - J. Hali Steele
Part of the Serpentine Vampires series:
  • Bloodied Venom
Editions:Kindle - First Edition: $ 0.99
ISBN: B07P86L95N
Pages: 48

When two lives entwine, death becomes abhorrent.

Hail Patrascu, an ancestor of Transylvania’s Draculesti family line, wields unique powers as the world’s oldest living vampire. Searching for death, he becomes something phenomenal after drinking venom infused blood. Not only does he possess vampiric powers, he’s been imbued with those of an even older creature—a serpentine. A snake, heretofore unable to change form, is animated with Hail’s vampire blood and now the monster seeks life of its own!

McCall Stephens had one drink; not nearly enough to imagine what he witnesses after being accosted in an alley. A beast so fiendish, it took the life of a man right before Call’s eyes. Now it stalks him. He haunts Call with eroticism, each encounter tugging him closer to a dark abyss with impossible promises. Giving in, he may lose everything—including his life! Or will Call’s wildest dreams come true?

Take his blood—lose your life!

A standalone short paranormal MM romance with coarse language, masturbation, explicit sex, abuse flashback, and a little bloody horror. But there’s an HEA and no cliffhanger!

Publisher: Independently Published
Pairings: M-M
Heat Level: 5
Romantic Content: 3
Ending: Click here to reveal
Character Identities: Gay
Protagonist 1 Age: Ageless/Immortal
Protagonist 2 Age: 18-25
Protagonist 3 Age: Ageless/Immortal
Tropes: Alpha Character, Badass Hero, Big Character / Little Character, Everyone is Queer, Fated Mates / Soul Mates, Healing Power of Sex, Hurt / Comfort, Love Can Heal / Redemption, Rescue
Word Count: 11500
Setting: United States, California, Hesperia, High desert California
Languages Available: English
Series Type: Same Universe / Various Characters

The man would have raped Call, maybe even murdered him as he had seen his face, knew the criminal and that he frequented Edges. Jesus! Strangely, the creep’s death didn’t bother him as much as memory of how he died. He reminisced wonder in eyes of the creature each time he glimpsed Call. Never once did he attempt to cover any part of his pale but magnificent naked body. Bound in muscle, almost black hair was long and appeared wet as if he’d climbed from a nearby swimming pool. Wasn’t water. Liquid substance on his body was thicker and it shimmered under lights in the alley. Why was it Call visualized blue eyes so clearly in his mind today because he surely looked into eyes last night which glowed red. Or were they black. Fuck! If he believed in… No, they’re a myth. Vampires don’t exist. Didn’t account for it looking like it…he, whatever; the thing sloughed scales or something. “Goddamn devil,”


Call mumbled rubbing an old wound on his thigh. Incredibly, fear in him subsided enough to function.

He managed to select clothes and dress for the day.

Your life will be different.

“Now I’m hearing shit.” But it was a hell of a thought. “Yeah, everything would be different if I wasn’t so damn lonely.”

Reaching the kitchen, he peered at the clock. Eleven thirty in the morning and he was starved. Rifling his fridge, he found nothing. Call planned to shop on the way home from work this evening. Didn’t want to risk shopping this close to noon as the possibility of chancing upon a coworker at the grocery store, which had an excellent salad bar many frequented, was too great. Jaunt to Apple Valley and grab a bite at his favorite Italian spot, try and forget just how hopeless life was for a few hours. No one from his office would ride that far out for lunch.

Could barely afford to but, he gathered slacks, shirt, and shoes from last night and carried them out in a bag to dispose of in the shared refuse bin. Exiting his building, Call noticed a pricey midnight blue European car parked across the road. Who over there knew someone driving such an expensive set of wheels? Dropping his bag in the receptacle, he climbed in his beater and drove off. Peering in his rearview, Call watched a big man get out the car and stride toward his duplex. Did he have a ponytail? A grunt blasted into air as he stymied hysterical laughter thinking the man’s physique resembled that of the beast from the alley. Like lasagna or anything else will ever erase the monster I saw. Thought of turning around but nixed the idea as a grumble from his stomach joined music he turned on.

Oddly, he forgot the man as his head became inundated with visions of cheese bubbling on top of broad noodles, red sauce full of hamburger, fresh baked rolls warm from the oven and slathered in butter. Damn if the smell didn’t invade his car. Call could barely contain himself when he reached the restaurant. He dashed in, was seated right away and, within minutes, placed his order. Even opted to have a glass of wine instead of beer he usually ordered. “What am I doing?”

“Excuse me, sir? Want to change something?”

“Sorry, no.” He peered at his server. “Will it be long?”

“Nope. Mama Rose just pulled a pan out the oven. You’re lucky enough to get the first piece.”

“Make it two.”

“Coming right up.”

Stuffed, Call, inexplicably, decided to visit the local mall and spent two hours shopping for slacks, a couple new shirts, and he bought a pair of shoes that would break his bank for the next two months. What the hell! Stopping at a local mart, he bought a few food items to get him through the weekend. Reaching his apartment, he saw two moving trucks being loaded by five or six burly men. Good Lord! He’d been absent all of four hours. Seeing Jim, he inquired, “What’s going on?”

“Guy in the house offered a shit load of cash if I got everyone but you out today. There ain’t nothing I give a shit about in there. Rex been paid off too. You’re on your own, buddy.” One truck pulled away and Jim hopped in his car and followed waving with a fuck you grin on his face. The other tenant, Rex, popped out, said hi and bye before he hit the road behind the second truck. How does something like this occur? Was it planned? How early this morning had movers been summoned? How do two apartments get cleared out so damn fast? Wasn’t until then Call noticed the mysterious car still occupied its space. Staring up at the porch, there he stood, the man from the alley. It was him Call spotted earlier. Tall, pale, and immaculately dressed, he was more imposing than remembered. Oh shit! He’s going to kill me because I saw him last night?

I have no intention of killing you.

The same voice entered his head earlier. Deep, hypnotic, it shoved into Call’s mind but lips never moved. Feet he no longer controlled carried him up steps but words remained locked in his throat. The closer he got, residual fear, as if a storm swollen river, raced from his mind; it leached from his soul the way impurity drips from an infected wound when lanced. God help me! “Who…what do you want with me?” His scent mesmerized Call. Clean, fresh as a breeze following a summer thunder shower. Eyes were blue. And so damn beautiful. Everything he thought was incongruous with Call’s memory of last night. He should be damn scared, should have been afraid from the moment he climbed from bed this morning. It was him; he did something. “What the fuck are you?”


About the Author

J. Hali Steele wishes she could grow fur, wings, or fangs, so she can stay warm, fly, or just plain bite the crap out of... Well, she can't do those things but she wishes she could! Multi-published author of Romance including Contemporary, LGBTQ, Paranormal, and ReligErotica stories where humans, vampyres, shapeshifters and angels often collide—they collide a lot! When J. Hali's not writing or reading, she can be found snuggled in front of the TV with a cat in her lap, and a cup of coffee.

My Quotes:

Growl and roar—it's okay to let the beast out. – J. Hali Steele

Death is overrated as punishment. – J. Hali Steele (from The Descendants)

Life is complicated, it’s loud, death arrives silently. – J. Hali Steele (from Twice the Burn)