Begin Again (Saint Lakes 5)

by April Kelley

Ramsey has enough problems without a little vampire ninja biting him without even a hello first.

All Ramsey Somerset wants is for things to remain peaceful. With an impending battle looming over him and the everyday problems of running a clan, his hands are too full for a mate. When he meets Fane, things go from bad to worse. It has taken Ramsey years to gain control of his water monster, but all that goes out the window with Fane. He can’t be Alpha and so instinctive toward Fane at the same time. He has to make a choice, either his clan or his mate.

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Ramsey growled and moved off the wall.

He heard someone say, "he's not the smell." That voice was the sweetest sound Ramsey had ever heard, and so was the giggle that came after.

"We'll find him, buddy. Don't you worry." Vaughan's voice was closer than the stranger's had been.

"I need him." The stranger’s desperation was palpable. Ramsey could almost feel it radiating through the air to him. He stalked from the room with one singular purpose.

He didn't even get five steps into the kitchen when he saw the person who belonged to that wonderful cinnamon smell. The man had a halo of blond hair that surrounded his delicate features. His eyes were wide and had a blue glow to them that completely obscured their true color. He bared his teeth but not in a violent way. No, Ramsey’s little vampire mate was even more keyed up that he was, which amazed him.


Vaughan put a hand on the little ball of Sexy's shoulder as if trying to hold him back which brought Ramsey's water monster even closer to the surface than it already was. Ramsey growled, letting all of his teeth drop, not just his canines. He tried to get himself under control, but Vaughan didn't take the hint. Instead, he stood in front of Ramsey's mate.

Before Ramsey could say anything, his mate growled, pushing passed Vaughan. The vampire ran to him, and several people shouted, but Ramsey just braced himself to catch him.

"Shit, Fane. Hold on, man." Vaughan chased after him.

"Mine." Ramsey gnashed his teeth at Vaughan, needing him to back off or Ramsey would hurt him, which was the last thing his human mind wanted. Vaughan just tried to calm the situation so everyone could think clearly but Ramsey was a long way from that. His water monster took over by slow degrees. Ramsey fought against it but it was a losing battle and his human side knew that.

Ramsey didn't even stumble when his mate launched himself into Ramsey's arms. Arms and legs wrapped around him. From a distance, his mate looked fragile. His shorter stature and thin frame were deceptive because Ramsey could feel hard muscles underneath his hands. He used his arms and legs to hold himself in place, not relying on Ramsey at all.


About the Author

April Kelley is an author of LGBT Romance. Her works include The Journey of Jimini Renn, which was a Rainbow Awards finalist, Whispers of Home, the Saint Lakes series, and over thirty more. She is a main contributor for Once & Books. If you'd like to become a patron sign up here:

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