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Bearly A Witch

by John Genest

On the first day of spring, three modern-day Witches cast bottle spells into the sea to bring their hearts' desire. Eileen wants a baby; Sarah, a full-time job; and Jim, a Daddybear to call his own. Join Jim as he navigates the kinks and cuddles of an exciting new relationship with someone from his distant past and gathers with his crafty coven for spells, sabbats and the season of the witch.

About the Author

John Genest has taken two subcultures near and dear to his heart, Bears (of the hairy homosexual variety) and witches (of the Wiccan variety) and has written poetry, short stories and a couple of novels to date about them.

Here at you can read A Midwinter Night's Dream, a magical story of two Bears awkwardly sorting out their new relationship together, Bearly a Witch, a novel about a Wiccan Bear who casts a bottle spell to find himself a Daddybear, and The Coven of Arcas about an all-male coven of Bear witches who invite a new member to join their circle.