Angels Among Us

Angels Among Us - Leona Windwalker
Editions:Kindle: $ 3.99

Ash and Anthony had it all planned. Sweethearts since high school, they’d gotten engaged, bought a house they were renovating together, and planned for children.

A tragic accident ended those dreams and left Ash reeling from despair. Unable to return home to even look at the tree they’d just decorated before going out, he hid from the world at his parents’ home in another city.

Shannon understood loss.

After his wife died shortly after the birth of their child, he knew he had to be strong, especially for little Marley’s sake. Deciding it was time for a fresh start, he moved them from Chicago to the small town he’d grown up in.

One house, a real estate agent, and a man re-awakening to life.

When Ash finally emerges from his grief, he has but one plan. Sell the house and, somehow, find a way to start moving forward then. Google brings him to Shannon Greyson’s one-man band realty. It’s love, though, that brings them together, perhaps with a little help from Anthony.


Ash gestured toward another door. "This is the third bedroom. It has a sleeping porch off of it. At first, we thought it was the master, but it's actually a smaller room than the other three, so we were going to screen the porch and use it as a family room." He fell silent and simply stared into space, lost in his memories.

Shannon cleared his throat. "Right. I think I've seen everything, yes? There's no attic or basement?'

Ash startled from his reverie. "What? Oh. No, no there isn't. There's a shed out back, one of those metal ones he bought at the hardware store. Has the riding mower and odds and ends in. They can have the contents of that. Other than that, nothing."

"Okay, well, how about we get out of here and go talk over some lunch? I don't know about you, but I'm starving and we need to talk figures and all that."


Ash's mind whirled. Go for lunch? It was just for business, he reminded himself. People had business lunches al the time. How attractive Shannon was had nothing to do with any of it. Besides, the guy was probably straight. Breakfast had been hours ago so he was a bit hungry, he supposed. And they did need to talk over the sale.

 He gave a tight smile. "Lunch sounds good. How about somewhere close to your office? There's a local diner but if we go there the gossips will be setting the phone lines and internet on fire."

Reviews:AmyDuferra on Amy's MM Romance Reviews wrote:

My Rating - 5 Stars!

Angels Among Us, is a remarkable novel by Leona Windwalker.

The accident at the beginning is absolutely heart wrenching. Ash's reaction killed me, leaving me crying so many tears. Be prepared, as this is the worst of the worst, and you will be gutted.

But, alas, it gets better. I promise you.

Ash is repeatedly assaulted with memories and ghosts of the past, and reminders of lost dreams. But, finding Shannon seems to be heaven sent.

The Marley intersex storyline is written in an accomplished manner and is remarkably explored.

Overall, Angels Among Us is a beautiful story of healing and finding love again. This story is phenomenal, leaving me mesmerized and super impressed. I highly recommend it! I loved every word of it.

HKS on Amazon customer review wrote:

This was a quick read, but it packed a punch! Both MCs are dealing with tragedy and grief and the way they comfort each other really embraced what romance is for me. Definitely second chance romance and the dynamic of their relationship was beautiful to read. I do wish it was slightly longer because I wanted just a little more from them. But, it was just the kind of book you could read when sitting curled on couch and wrapped in a blanket.

A new author for me and I will be checking out more of their titles!

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