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Alia Terra: Stories from the Dragon Realm

by Ava Kelly

Alia Terra - Ava Kelly
ISBN: 978-1-945009-78-5
Size: 9.00 x 9.00 in

Three all-ages fairy tales of kindness and acceptance, beautifully illustrated and presented in English and Romanian.

Alia Terra: Basme din Tărâmul Dragonilor conține trei povești diverse pentru toate vârstele.

Alia Terra: Stories from the Dragon Realm draws from personal experiences, Romanian folklore with Dacian roots, and our fundamental need—to believe in ourselves. Richly illustrated by Michigan artist Matthew Spencer in shades of color and gender, the words of Ava Kelly assure that we all belong.

“Ava Kelly’s book of bilingual Romanian/English fairytales is both necessary and a delight. While queer writing is being suppressed in many countries of Eastern Europe, this volume offers comfort and consolation with queer-normative stories that reach back to the familiar themes of childhood, and provide renewed hope. Mages, princesses, and above all, dragons populate the world of Alia Terra, richly illustrated by Matthew Spencer. Characters go against expectations, and learn to live true to themselves: curses turn into blessings, flying creatures find a new beginning underwater, and even love acquires new meaning. From aromanticism to nonbinary gender, LGBTQIA+ themes in Alia Terra are always portrayed with a gentle kindness that we need in our lives, and an eager, resilient confidence. Read the stories and share them with your loved ones!”
—Bogi Takács, Hugo and Lambda Award-winning author

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About the Author

Ava Kelly is a nonbinary speculative writer and engineer. Secretly a pile of cats in a trenchcoat, Ava's goal is to bring into the world more tales of friendship and compassion, dedicated to trope subversion, stories that give the void a voice. Romanian living in Norway, Ava is an avid explorer of culture and its reflection upon life and creativity, both in art and in tech design. Among their works are the award-winning novel Havesskadi, the short story A Sudden Displacement of Matter part of the Lambda-nominated anthology Trans-Galactic Bike Ride: Feminist Bicycle Science Fiction Stories of Transgender and Nonbinary Adventurers, and the illustrated dual language book of nonbinary fairy tales Alia Terra – Stories from the Dragon Realm.