Beware the Bears

Surf City Two

by Val Francis

Beware the Bears - Val Francis - Mile High City Collection
Part of the Surf City series:
  • Beware the Bears
ISBN: 9781487414
Pages: 41

Their flight was a disaster, their transfers yet another catastrophe and to cap it off the resort doesn’t have a reservation for them. Ed didn’t want to make the trip to begin with, and now Gus will be made to suffer. Unfortunately, if the trip’s been bad for Ed, there is far worse in store for Gus, who has no idea what’s about to hit him. Welcome to the Rockies where there’s more than one kind of bear to worry about.

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Standing ready with a towel in hand, Gus watched. To satisfy his voyeuristic tendencies, he had Ed walk around so as to get a better look at him, he loved him naked best of all. Slender bodied, lightly muscled, his boyfriend oozed vulnerability. Gus found Ed so damn sexy, and what had to be best of all about it, he had no idea he was. At the last moment, he turned and backed into the huge towel Gus held up for him. Wrapping it around the smaller man, he began to dry his body, hands gently massaging, the skin pink from the heat of the water, and all the while he planted butterfly kisses on Ed’s shoulders and neck. “Maybe I need to pay some special close attention to this part.”

Pressing his rigid length against Ed’s back, he knew the guy was aware of it when he spoke.

“If I close my eyes, I can just about count the number of veins in the hard thing you’re sticking me with, McCauley.”

“Can you now, honey?”


“I can feel them pulsing, pumping the blood to keep the thing stiff.” He then gasped when Gus’ fingers, working their way between his legs, began stroking his perineum.


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About the Author

Life is full of exciting opportunities and unless we are careful, all too often, too late we discover others we have either missed or been too afraid to grasp. Some years back now, Val had the chance to live on a property in Central Queensland for a year. At the time having recently arrived from the UK, Val had no idea what the real outback would be like, and the trip from Sydney to the property turned out to be one that opened Val’s eyes as to the enormity of Australia. Absent were any reminders of the verdant green fields of the UK countryside as Queensland was at the time in the grip of a major drought where brown had become the standard colour of the landscape. Finally arriving at the property, the lessons began. The challenge of saddling up a horse that doesn’t want to be was inevitably followed by the far more difficult test of staying up there when your horse had other ideas. With thousands of sheep lambing at the time, Val soon learned which end of the sheep was for eating and which was for… Perhaps the most important lesson learned in the Bush was not to get too friendly or try making pets of an animal that might be a lamb roast the next day. Eventually heading back to Sydney Val never made it that far and fell in love with Brisbane which was to become home. Apart from earning a living, Val has enjoyed stage acting, relishing the opportunity to stand on a stage in front of an audience and become a different character for an hour or two. At the same time, Val also wrote for the stage and earned enough dollars from it to starve. Since then, Val has worked at a lot of different things, traveled extensively in Australia and overseas, painted and lead a full life. These days, living on the Gold Coast in Eastern Australia, Val has finally returned to writing. Spending six days a week at the keyboard, transferring imagined characters and their stories to the page, Val has a passion for writing M/M Romance. When not typing away, Val and partner will mostly be found either with their dog, Barney, taking long walks by the ocean or traveling the world somewhere.

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