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2 Dead Fish Named Kevin

by L.A. Witt

“Help raise money to improve our habitat! For a small donation, we’ll name a fish after your ex and feed it to the bears on Valentine’s Day!”

For Garrett Mitchell, who just found out his butthead of an ex-boyfriend cheated on him, that donation is money well spent.

And Tristan Waverly was just unceremoniously dumped by a man who is absolutely worthy of being tossed to hungry bears, so he’s more than happy to buy a fish.

As the bears chow down, though, everyone’s wondering the same thing—is it a coincidence, or are both fish named after the same guy?

There’s only one way to find out.

But when Garrett and Tristan come face to face, suddenly the last man either wants to think about is Kevin.

2 Dead Fish Named Kevin is a light, fluffy, and short Valentine’s Day romance (22,500 words)

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About the Author

L.A. Witt is a romance and suspense author who has at last given up the exciting nomadic lifestyle of the military spouse (read: her husband finally retired). She now resides in Pittsburgh, where the potholes are determined to eat her car and her cats are endlessly taunted by a disrespectful squirrel named Moose. In her spare time, she can be found painting in her art room or destroying her voice at a Pittsburgh Penguins game.