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Word Count: 73,000

Character Identities: Intersex

Summary: Thomas escaped his ex and has settled in at Pine Wood Falls. He found himself a nice job, has a cute little house, and his twins are now four months old. The last thing he wants or expects is to go into heat again so soon. He tries to fight the urge but can’t hold off any longer. Campbell catches the scent of his fated omega. He finally found the one and can’t wait to start a family. So he goes to one of Pine Wood Falls get-togethers to do what nature wants of him, what he wants -- to mate with his fated one, but the situation gets turned on its head when there’s another alpha there that wants his omega. All Griffin wants is a good time. He doesn’t believe he’s fated for anyone, that’s all in the past. He just wants his needs met, but another alpha stands in his way. Luckily, they all come to an agreement. The three of them together. They don’t think they can both get the young omega pregnant. Thomas doesn’t think he’s fated for either of them, but when he ends up pregnant with quads, they all have some things to work out.An

An Extra Alpha - Sarah Haven - Pine Wood Falls
An Extra Alpha

Sarah Havan ...

Pairing: M-M-M

February 25, 2019

Word Count: Information not available

Character Identities: Ace, Gay, Genderfluid

Summary: Shane McNaughton’s lover, Misaki “Aki” Itou, hasn’t had life threatening migraines, nosebleeds, or bouts of amnesia in months. Only when Aki comes down with some sort of flu, Shane immediately fears that maybe they haven’t cured Aki after all. When Jack Taylor, Shane’s best friend, asks for a favor, it couldn’t be worse timing. But Aki assures Shane that he’s okay, and Shane knows if the roles were reversed, Jack would drop everything to help Shane. Shane agrees to accompany one of Jack’s lover’s, Candy, to a brothel for one of Candy’s rescue missions, while Jack’s other lover, Ivy watches over Aki. Shane expects it to be a fast trip, in and out, save the whores and back home to care for Aki. Only it’s not that simple. There’s a dragon in the attic with a lot of secrets and even more answers.

Benny's Carnival - Lissa Kasey - Hidden Gem
Benny's Carnival

Lissa Kasey ...

Pairing: M-M, M-M-M

June 7, 2017

Word Count: 15000

Character Identities: Gay


Be careful what you bet on… Betting is all fun and games until you have to pay up when you lose. Within these three short stories we follow the ones who were on the losing end of a bet. The price they paid? They have to wear a pink Lolita dress. Luckily for them, sometimes paying up comes with the best benefits.  
Trusting You by Ryo Salinas Michael Gentry lost a bet and decides to make the best of the situation with a little bit of seduction.

Bets With Benefits Anthology
Bets With Benefits

Melissa E Costa , Lynn Michaels ...

Pairing: M-M

October 28, 2017

Word Count: 16,000

Character Identities: Gay

Summary: Countdown to Daddies - Countdown, book 1 ~~Matteo and Gabe have everything they could ever want out of life, except a family of their own. When Gabe's bossy twin sister offers to be their surrogate, it's too good to turn down. But with his sister running the show, the new dads-to-be begin to wonder if they're going to survive the nine-month countdown.~~

Countdown to Daddies - K-lee Klein - Countdown
Countdown to Daddies

K-lee Klein ...

Pairing: M-M

June 18, 2021

Word Count: 94887

Character Identities: Gay, Questioning, Straight

Summary: Twenty days. Nothing will ever be the same for these friends again in exactly twenty days. TJ’s past transgressions are coming back to haunt him in a big way. But the big question still remains – what exactly did TJ do? On the other hand, Elijah’s trip to Florida will turn his life around and have him standing on stable ground, but will it last? Will Elijah’s secrets finally catch up to him? While these acquaintances are going through their everyday routine, unbeknownst to them, a storm is brewing in the background. In the days following the passage of this storm, the pieces of the puzzle will start to fit together as the entire buildup of this book finally takes shape. How is Seven connected to both TJ and Elijah’s unfortunate events? Everybody is playing a dangerous game but at what cost? In the final analysis, lives will be shattered. People will be exposed. Death will be upon us. Join TJ, Elijah, and Seven in this meticulously crafted second entry to this series, as the group of friends embark upon challenges that will shape the rest of their lives. And then on the twentieth day, the chain reaction of all these dangerous games will go up in flames! Who goes to jail? Who will receive devastating news? Most importantly, whose door does death pay a visit to?

Tears of the Son 2 - Jaxon Grant - BnTasty
Dangerous Games

Jaxon Grant ...

Pairing: M-M, M-M-M

May 29, 2020

Word Count: 114875

Character Identities: Gay

Summary: This is part of a continuing series by Amazon International Bestselling Author, Mary Rundle – reading the previous titles is advised. Readers will enjoy catching up with members of the Blackwood Pack and reading about what is happening to them as the pack does what it does best  ̶  caring for one another and helping shifters everywhere. Pursuing his dream, Sawyer heads to LA for some sun, waves and surfing lessons. After a disappointing day of surfing, he heads back to his campsite and meets Alex, his Fated Mate, who runs away, valuing his freedom more than anything else. After the death of his  wealthy, domineering father, Alex is can finally shed a lifetime of restrictions. Leaving New York City, he sets out on a long, cross-country RV trip, unaware that an overnight stop in a Los Angeles campground will yield not one Fated Mate, but two! Shocked at meeting Sawyer, Alex rejects him, vowing never to be under the thumb of any Alpha mate. Glenn, a career secret agent, is also in LA to seek help from his friend, Ghost, a surfing instructor, in his quest to find who is responsible for kidnapping Glenn’s mother and other rare shifters. After meeting up with Ghost, Glenn discovers his Fated Mate is Sawyer, his friend’s current surfing student. After the three mates finally meet, each has to face up to some hard facts about their past and present lives before coming to an understanding that leads them to find love and happiness with each other. Astounding surprises, rare and unique gifts, an action-packed mission, and many unexpected twists and turns make this passionate love story by Mary Rundle impossible to put down once you’ve read the first page.

Darkness Master - Mary Rundle
Darkness Master

Mary Rundle ...

Pairing: M-M-M

February 4, 2021

Word Count: 131676

Character Identities: Gay

Summary: Choices. You cannot escape the consequences of your choices. TJ’s choices have landed him in a whirlwind of trouble. Legal trouble. As he faces the biggest challenge of his life, he is also demanding answers about his past. Will TJ beat this case that is moving through the criminal justice system, or will his future come tumbling down? Will TJ have to reap the consequences of what he has sown? The choices Seven made are haunting his mind. Several people believe he was responsible for the Jaquez situation and that choice he made will return some grim results. While Seven tries to shake off the mistakes of his past, a new love interest develops. The choices he makes with this love interest can also come at a costly price. For Seven, do the ends justify the means? Insert Elijah. His past choices have led him to his new truth which causes the relationship with his mother to take a drastic turn for the worst. But why? What is really causing these problems in his home? What is really at the core of Elijah’s issues? Is his mother to blame? Or is it something deeper? What will Elijah do when the demons in his head take him to a place of no return? While the friends tackle these storms in their lives, something more sinister is at work. A plan is being crafted to destroy them at their core. Dark secrets will be revealed. The ultimate betrayal will occur. Someone will meet their untimely death. In their world, all bets are off. Who can you trust? Who do you trust?

Tears of the Son 3 Free Yourself - Jaxon Grant - BnTasty
Free Yourself

Jaxon Grant ...

Pairing: M-M

February 24, 2022

Word Count: 75,000

Character Identities: Gay

Summary: “You’re pregnant, Graham.”   Wow. Life has tossed Graham a lot of curveballs, but he never expected to hear those words. Then, just as Graham and his fated mate, Hyden, are getting used to that amazing news, someone from Graham’s past returns and kidnaps him, threatening the very future they want to build. Turns out Graham is an Oletti, a bloodline of wolf shifters that seems to be part of an ancient prophecy, one that speaks of a hidden magical spring of water that can restore the earth and all that is in it. A power some would kill to possess. Except, in the wrong hands, it can also turn humans and shifters totally away from what, and who, they truly love, tearing families and even fated mates apart.   Unfortunately, Hyden has been forced to drink this water so no one is coming to rescue Graham. It’s now up to him to not only save himself, his unborn child and his fated mate, but very possibly the world as they know it. But superhero capes are hard to come by and he never liked himself much in tights. Still, with the help of his Oletti powers, this should be something he can do, right? Oh, Great Wolf, let this be something I can do...  

Graham's Rescue - Hurri Cosmo
Graham's Rescue

Hurri Cosmo ...

Pairing: M-M

September 27, 2020

Word Count: Information not available

Character Identities: Ace, Bisexual, Pansexual, Straight

Summary: Still reeling from his final encounter with the Elders, Matthias finally reaches the promised safety of Haven. There, he is met with suspicion and accusations, learning too late that the new world he’s entered is built on as many illusions and lies as the world he’s left behind, and that the safe home he’s been searching for isn’t safe after all. When all the illusions come crashing down, and Matthias barely escapes with his life and his friends, he finds himself going back to the start—and finds himself one step closer to the truth.

Haven's Fall - Elizabeth Schecter - Rebel Mage
Haven's Fall

Elizabeth Schechter ...

Pairing: M-F, M-M

May 17, 2022

Word Count: 54000

Character Identities: Gay, Polyamorous

Summary: “Tell me of your homeworld…” “Nope. And that’s the last time you watch that movie before bed, baby boy.” Talos cut off Kikoi who pouted. “Fine. Then tell me about when Uncle Majid finally stopped being so grumpy and murdery all the time.” Kikoi batted his thick eyelashes. “Okay, I can tell you all about that. Well, I don’t think he’ll ever stop being murdery as you put it.” Talos settled into his customary story telling position. “Some would say that story begins well over two thousand years ago when I first met my best friend and powerful unicorn shadow. Some others would say it started a little over a thousand years ago when tragedy struck. But I think it starts when my eldest brother, the crazy half-giant vampire that he is, retired and went on a quest for redemption.”  Kikoi draped himself across Talos as he closed his eyes. “Little did Majid and Odin know that Fate sent a tough, smart, wasn’t going to take lip from them polar bear to cross their path when they needed it most…”   Majid’s best friend, Talos, has found his mate and finally recognized his lover of the past several hundred years as his other mate. The mate Majid had spent the last eleven hundred years trying to forgive was back in his life. Will Majid rescue one mate only to lose the other? Or will the fierce polar bear, Siku, give him a chance to redeem himself? Will Odin forgive himself for the actions that tore Majid from his life? And will the not so little bear find him to be a worthy mate? Or is he doomed to die on a quest for redemption? Will Siku find his place not only within the relationship his mates clearly already have but also the entirely different world that is city life? Or is he just fooling himself that he can get over the wall between him and his mates?   Bloodlines of Fate is an urban fantasy series set in a world destroyed by humans and resurrected by supernatural beings. This book contains depictions of omega polar bears who will eat you in self-defense, sturdy hairbrushes that break naughty butts, timeouts for coloring and painting toes, and a family reunion for the history books.   Majid is part two of a two-part story arch that tells the love story of two triads (MMM). It is necessary to read Talos to fully enjoy this book that does end in a HEA despite bickering chefs who try to burn the estate down. This is a type of omegaverse with mpreg.

Majid - D.G. Carothers - Bloodlines of Fate

D.G. Carothers ...

Pairing: M-M-M

October 6, 2020

Word Count: 104848

Character Identities: Gay

Summary: The Blackwood Pack saga continues… This is part of an on-going series by Amazon International Bestselling Author, Mary Rundle – catching up on previous titles is advised. Readers of previous books will enjoy meeting old friends once more as the pack does what it does best  ̶  caring for one another and helping shifters everywhere. Carson never dreamed his six bothers would get their fated mates before he did and now, hanging on with the barest of hope he’d be next, he ends up devastated when it doesn’t happen. Unable to cope with seeing so many happy couples around him at the pack house in California, he accepts a job offer in France, intent on building a new life—only to discover the Fates have not forgotten him at all. After graduating from university, Remy, a low-level warlock leaves the world of magic behind, believing there’s no place in it for him. Encouraged by his parents, to accept a job offer at the Chateau des Flammes winery, he begins working for Arthur MacDùghlas, the dragon shifter owner, finally finding a place for himself in the world. Happy with his new position, Remy’s life abruptly changes when his parents unexpectedly die and he becomes the guardian of his three younger brothers. Muddling through the unexpected role of fatherhood, he finally finds his footing until…his life is upended once again when Carson, his fated mate arrives on his doorstep. Shocking surprises, treacherous plots, an action-packed rescue, and many unexpected twists and turns make this passionate love story by Mary Rundle impossible to put down once you’ve read the first page.   Multiple POV, M/M, Shifters, Fated Mates, MPREG with secondary characters, HEA    

Mystic Guardian
Mystic Guardian

Mary Rundle ...

Pairing: M-M

April 7, 2020

Word Count: 60k

Character Identities: Gay, Polyamorous

Summary: Formerly published under the same title with the same cover. Rights regained by author and minor edits and changes made. This series is a spin-off from the River Wolf Pack series, but it is not necessary to read that series first. The omegas will meet pack members at a gathering, and interested parties will write their names in a book. But in the end, it will be the omegas who choose who they mate. Ten years have passed since Angel Hills Pack suffered the loss of all its omegas. Now five omegas and three betas are being escorted from River Wolf Pack to join Angel Hills in the Eufaula Mountains in hope the fertile omegas will help rebuild the dwindling population of the pack. But multiple dangers threaten--some human and some werewolf--and a struggle begins that pack alpha Grey could never have foreseen.

Omega Arrival - Lilah Suzanne
Omega Arrival

Rebecca James ...

Pairing: M-M, M-M-M, 4+ or Other

March 7, 2020

Word Count: Information not available

Character Identities: Bisexual, Gay

Summary: Geoff has seen a lot of people find love over his years at the Leanin' N ranch. He's been content to let others have their day, deciding that he's happy enough with good friends and found family. The truth is, Geoff isn't sure he's worthy of love. Or capable of dealing with it. So he's just not looking very hard, even when it's right under his nose. Tiny has been in love with Geoff for ages, but they work together, and he's never been sure that Geoff sees him the same way. When he finally decides to make his move, he can't believe it works, and while Geoff seems surprised, he also seems perfectly willing to give Tiny his day and let their deep friendship turn into something more. Which is when all hell breaks loose in their quiet, well-ordered life. Tiny's teenaged daughter shows up pregnant, and while Tiny knows he can't turn her away, it might be too much, too fast. Can Geoff handle so much change all at once, including an instant family with a grandbaby on the way, or will everything fall apart before it even gets well-begun?

Perfectly seasoned - BA Tortuga - Leanin' N Ranch
Perfectly Seasoned

BA Tortuga ...

Pairing: M-M

December 12, 2021

Word Count: 62000

Character Identities: Bisexual, Genderqueer, Lesbian, Non Binary, Pansexual, Polyamorous, Transgender

Summary: Impulse control is not my darling puppy’s strong suit. Most of the time, I find that endearing. It certainly helps us find willing partners to join us for a scene or two. As long as it doesn’t put Quent in a position to get hurt, I’m on board. But when their spontaneity combined with their huge heart results in them offering to be their brother’s surrogate, let’s just say, I have my doubts. Quent refuses to be deterred from their path despite the risks. As their mommy, my number one job is to take care of them, no matter my misgivings. That includes arranging the details and supporting them through the pregnancy and beyond. If we’re both lucky, I might just get to give them every kinky desire of their heart along the way. Quent and I have learned over the years that most of our problems can be resolved with clear communication, I just hope that includes the bumps along the way to helping my brothers-in-law grow their family. Puppy Love is an F/X puppy play romance between an established couple. Kylee is a transgender web designer and mommy to Quent, a nonbinary pharmacy tech and pup. It includes puppy play, surrogacy, pregnancy (and related gender dysphoria and anxiety around medical care), ethical non monogamy, light medical/veterinary kink, breeding kink, and boot worship.

Puppy Love - Alex Silver - Summer of Adventures
Puppy Love

Alex Silver ...

Pairing: F-NB

June 30, 2022

Word Count: 65000

Character Identities: Ace, Demisexual, Non Binary, Pansexual, Transgender

Summary: Rene was my first everything. Best friend, first kiss, first love, first heartbreak. Seven years after walking out of my life, they tear open old wounds with a single photo of a smiling little boy and the message they’re coming home. Mo has my smile and Rene’s eyes. It kills me that I didn’t know about him sooner. As furious as the news Rene kept such a major secret makes me, I want a relationship with my son more than I want to rehash old arguments. Besides, Rene has more baggage than the 747 they flew in on, and I swore off love the first time they left me heartbroken. When I learn Rene and Mo need a place to stay while they settle into life in Vancouver, it sounds like a perfect opportunity. I’ve got a spare room. What better way to figure out co-parenting than living together? It’s not like I’m going to fall for the ex who hurt me deeper than anyone else could. That would be ridiculous. Saving Throw is the third M/NB romance in the Table Topped series. It features Errol, demisexual panromantic production coordinator who likes to be in control and his first love, Rene, a non-binary trans masc ex-hockey player turned coach. CW: Past mentions of a physically abusive alcoholic parent and portrayals of trauma/PTSD related to that, secret teenage pregnancy and related gender dysphoria/difficulty with accessing medical care. Side characters struggle with infertility.

Saving Throw - Alex Silver - Table Topped
Saving Throw

Alex Silver ...

Pairing: M-NB, Includes NB

February 1, 2021

Word Count: 53000

Character Identities: Gay

Summary: Protecting his shifter from threats is easy, but can he protect him from his own ambition? As part of the G-Force Federation, gargoyle Jude is a newly promoted pilot eager to prove himself on his first solo assignment. Unfortunately, his plans go awry when his craft is shot down, leaving him stranded in the desert. Kirby is a fennec fox shifter on the desert world of Cairo. When Jude’s ship comes under attack he races to help him, and after the crash he offers to guide him back to the base. Their journey across the harsh desert is fraught with dangers, one of which is the lure of Kirby’s scent as he goes into heat for the first time. Jude’s protective attitude towards him pushes all the right buttons with Kirby, and it doesn’t take much for him to persuade the gargoyle to be his first lover. When Kirby discovers he is pregnant they know one of them will have to make a sacrifice if they want to raise their baby together, but can either of them give up everything they have ever known?

Space Fox - L.M. Brown - G-Force Federation
Space Fox

L.M. Brown ...

Pairing: M-M

January 31, 2020

Word Count: 48600

Character Identities: Gay, Polyamorous

Summary: “Tell me a story Daddy.” Kikoi, xolos wrangler by night and King Talos’ snuggle monster by day, demanded. “What story do you want to hear tonight, baby boy?” Talos, Vampyr King and Supernatural Council Member, asked while he pulled Kikoi onto his lap. “I want to hear about when you met Daddy Bayne.” Almost three hundred years old and Kikoi would never get tired of story time. “Again?” Talos arched an eyebrow with amusement. “Yes! It’s a good one.” Kikoi beamed at Talos. Talos leaned against the headboard of their bed as Bayne, former assassin but still looked damn good in armor, joined them and began... The Age of Man has passed, and a new age is upon the Earth. An age of magic and technology ruled by the supernatural beings that once hid amongst humanity has begun. Bayne is thrust into a world he thinks he knows but quickly discovers his whole life has been built on lies. Talos, perfectly happy ruling his corner of the world, is faced with an unexpected and unwelcome change that comes with the mate chosen by Fate. Together they must discover how to live and, in the end, love one another. Fate has more in store for them than learning to love someone they should hate. Will they be open to all the possibilities Fate lays out for them? Bloodlines of Fate is a new urban fantasy series set in a world destroyed by humans and resurrected by supernatural beings. Fate has many plans for the vampires, unicorns, therianthropes, elves, and humans of this new world. While their mates may be fated, love isn't that easy. This book contains depictions of gladiatorial combat, snarky fem twinks who will cut you, kings in stilettos, and awkward heats with a pinch of daddy kink. Talos is part one of a two-part story arch that tells the love story of two triads (MMM). It does end in an HFN with a HEA tied into the second part. This is a type of omegaverse with mpreg

Talos - D.G. Carothers - Bloodlines of Fate

D.G. Carothers ...

Pairing: M-M-M

September 8, 2020

Word Count: 50000

Character Identities: Bisexual, Lesbian, Pansexual, Polyamorous

Summary: In 1860, four brothers on a mission from God tunneled beneath the surface in Nevada territory, looking to find the next Comstock Lode. Legend has it they went down into the Earth as honorable Christian men but returned as something more sinister, their good intentions abandoned. There they became possessed and altered by an evil force, and their hold on the residents of what was known then as Lake’s Crossing allowed them to gain unfathomable wealth and power. Youngest brother Jonah ran from that evil and has been in exile under an alias for nearly 70 years. He spends his existence as Jimmy Manwaring, playing piano nightly to the rough-and-tumble saloon crowd in Fort Bragg, California, with the final words of his beloved deceased wife constantly on his mind. “When hope comes, you must protect them.” An act of violence thrusts barmaid Hope Johnson, her unborn twins, and her lover, Bonnie, into his world, and he swears to protect them, but not even one with the power of Sight could predict the series of events that threaten their safety. Will Jonah receive the absolution he seeks, or will his new family suffer for the sins of the Bane brothers?

Book Cover: The Absolution of Jonah Bane
The Absolution of Jonah Bane

R.L. Merrill ...

Pairing: F-F-M

July 1, 2022

Word Count: 80000

Character Identities: Bisexual, Gay

Summary: Ricky Sandoval has a secret he won’t reveal.   By night, omega Ricky Sandoval is the darling of the dance club scene: friendly, flirtatious, and always up for some fun with whatever alpha strikes his fancy. But by day, Ricky pines for his neighbor and creative partner, Eli Epstein – who’s been in a committed relationship for as long as Ricky has known him. If creating a webcomic together is the best Ricky can hope for with Eli – then he’s willing to settle for second best, and find love elsewhere, one night at a time.   Eli Epstein has a promise he won’t break.   By day, alpha Eli Epstein is the quiet and clever introvert with the long-term girlfriend and a job that lets him stay safely tucked in his apartment. But by night, Eli worries about his neighbor and creative partner, Ricky – who’s also the subject of a crush Eli’s unwilling to admit. Everyone but Ricky seems aware of Eli’s feelings, Eli’s amused and super accepting girlfriend included. There’s no chance of acting on it, though – Eli has both promises and secrets he intends to keep, no matter where his heart might lie.   But just as their webcomic is about to be launched off the internet and into the physical world of publishing, one of Ricky’s one-night-stands leaves him pregnant… and alone.   Everyone’s keeping secrets. But sometimes…   Pretending to be a happy couple is the obvious solution – after all, half their internet fanbase already thinks it’s true. Ricky and Eli swear it’s only temporary – but the more time they spend together, the more fiction feels like fact.   Until Ricky’s one-night-stand reappears… and threatens to expose every secret they’ve promised to keep.   Torn between the guilt of loving Eli and the high-risk pregnancy he’s struggling to manage, Ricky now has to face that his affair might be the end of not only their publishing career – but their friendship, too.   …The biggest secret is the most obvious truth of all.   The Alpha’s Fake Mate is a slow-burn m/m mpreg omegaverse romance with an HEA ending. It features Twitter conversations, disastrous trips to department stores, and way too many wine glasses with way too much fruit juice in them.

The Alphas Fake Mate - Penelope Peters
The Alpha's Fake Mate

Penelope Peters ...

Pairing: F-F, M-M

May 12, 2020

Word Count: 32000

Character Identities: Gay

Summary: Two omegas struggle with infertility, which leads to an alpha roommate who will rock their world. Sam and Charlie Dunlap have been mated for years. They both have secure jobs and live in Valleywood, the city where dreams come true. The only problem is their dream of starting a family has crashed and burned. They exhausted their meager savings with fertility treatments and are out of options. And then a sexy alpha bear shifter rents a room from them. Between him smelling like their mate and their new renter not wanting anything but a job, preferably in acting, things get complicated.

The Alpha's Role - April Kelley - Valleywood
The Alpha's Role: A Paranormal Romance (Valleywood Series Book #7)

April Kelley ...

Pairing: M-M-M

September 22, 2021

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