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Two Book Review: Voice / Transform, by Sean Ian O’Meidhir & Connal Braginsky

Genres: Paranormal, Romance

LGBTQ+ Identities: Gay

Reviewer: Jay

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About the Books:


After an unfortunate mishap, Robbie has to learn how to use his Command abilities. Just when he thinks that it’s safe to turn them off entirely, he is challenged in a way he never imagined and is faced with the decision to use his abilities or lose his beloved cousin for good. His growth puts a strain on his budding relationship with Theo who is already stretched thin with his own dilemmas. Will the couple grow from their individual struggles, or will this be a final dividing point?


After a harrowing rescue, Theo and Robbie take Kat to Maui to recover, only to be swept into another intrigue. Robbie comes into his own and learns to appreciate who and what he is while Theo comes to terms with his family. But a greater prophecy is at play—one that may draw the couple into things they are not yet ready for.

The Review:

These two books, which follow Theo and Robbie after Escape and Trials, can be read without reading the first two in the series because the author includes sufficient information (always quite subtly inserted and never an info dump) to keep the reader in the loop. However, I assume a lot of readers will want to follow the entire sequence of adventures. 

Robbie is a rare male were-snake, with magical command powers akin to strong hypnotism. He has escaped an abused childhood. Theo is a techno-mage who can access and influence most of what happens in the world via what he calls the Interface. The pair are strong, but each has their own insecurities, which lead to hiccups in their relationship whilst they develop their magical talents and personal strength. 

There are plenty of calls for their magic, and the cast of characters includes a lot of family members and a number of vampires and demons. 

The books are well written. The story moves from one event to another without much time for the characters or the reader to catch their breath. There are some explicit sex scenes which further the plot and character development, and also provide some respite from the rapid pace.

I prefer my paranormal beings to have a little less magic, but I enjoyed both books.

This thriller of a tale with plenty of magic and supernatural beings of various descriptions will beguile readers with both the overarching plot and the individual events that drive it. Recommended.

The Reviewer:

I’ve been doing book reviews on my website, crossposted or linked to various social media, for a few years. I read a number of genres but I really enjoy all kinds of speculative fiction so thought I’d like to share my views with you. I love sci fi and other speculative fiction because of the way it can, at its best, make us see ourselves in a new light. Quite apart from the exciting stories, of course! I used to be an English teacher, and I’m a writer (fantasy) so I can be quite critical about style etc. but I hope I can also appreciate properly some books that don’t appeal to me personally but might be simply perfect for others. I have, obviously, read widely, and continue to do so.

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