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Review: Unburden – Les Jacson

Unburden - Les Jacson

Genre: Paranormal, Urban Fantasy, Romance

LGBTQ+ Category: Gay

Reviewer: Linda, Paranormal Romance Guild

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About The Book

Reese is a mess who wishes for some peace…
His life gets worse after being kidnapped by traffickers. He realizes that the world is cruel and full of monsters. But he can make things right.

Cihan is a playboy who wants to make a difference…
And he plans to stop a cruise ship auctioning supernaturals against their will. He’s a billionaire, trained to be a fighter, looking for a partner who believes in his cause. But his friends never take him seriously.

One fateful night, their paths cross.
The captive meets his savior.
The warrior finds his weapon.
Will they help each other for a common goal?

The Review

Reese is a young man who caught his boyfriend cheating and decided on a tit-for-tat – big mistake. The man he was meeting turned out to be recruiting for a trafficking ring, and although Reese had no idea, he was different and special. Unfortunately, the wrong people did know.

The last thing he remembered was meeting the man, Hugh and when he woke up, he was in a large cage ready for auction. Hugh revealed what his specialness was – he’s a blade, someone who carries a weapon inside them. Hugh could care less if he hurts Reese, and when he pulls out the huge sword Reese had inside him, it causes enormous pain. Reese is scared, but the scariest thing was when Hugh advises him that no matter who buys him, he will return and take Reese back.

Cihan Burakgazi is a billionaire who wants to bring down Hugh and the trafficking ring. He wants the glory, and has every intention of rescuing the captives and returning them home. When Reese comes up for auction, Cihan realizes he is a blade. As a templar, a human gifted with supernatural skills, he has the ability to remove Reese’s weapon. Determined to win, he bids three billion dollars. He has bought many blades before, but none of them lasts more than a week – he treats them well and sends them home.

Cihan gives Reese a beautiful room in his mansion, an entire wardrobe, and even an office set up for him to continue his freelance art work. He now lives in Bloodrock Bay with a billionaire who treats him as an honored guest.

Reese is determined to see his sword, if only to determine that it is real. So Cihan removes it without causing any pain. After a week, Cihan is shocked to find that Reese is still with him, and he wants his blade to help him bring down the trafficking ring. Reese finds himself trusting Cihan more than anyone, and is comfortable but worried about being told to leave when their mission is completed.

In spite of the fact that Cihan owns Reese there’s not that much sex between them, which Reese would definitely like to change.

It was wonderful watching as Cihan and Reese’s relationship grows, and exciting as they, along with Cihan’s friends, work at ending the trafficking ring and freeing the other captives.

The plot moves a little slowly at times, and some scenes are sad and a bit brutal. Still, this is a great book. 4 stars.

The Reviewer

I am an avid reader the mother of 3 sons and grandmother to seven grandchildren. Since retiring I have been doing more reading while volunteering as a CASA worker. CASA is an organization that works with the family court system to ensure that children are in the best living situation. There are way too many children that get overlooked in the foster care system and I visit homes and make visits to the parents. I was born and raised in New York and my husband of 50 years and I live in Upstate New York. 

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