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Review: Abundantly Attractive – Tonwand North

Review: Abundantly Attractive - Tonwand North

Genre: Contemporary

LGBTQ+ Category: Gay

Reviewer: Xanthe

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About The Book

A rescued by a handsome stranger, gay comedy, full of mishaps with dogs, cats, rats and reindeer.

How much is love truly worth?

Liam Perry dreams of finding a rich wife so he can lounge at the poolside, sipping cocktails and doing what he’s good at—looking seductive.

And after a chance collision with a handsome vet leaves Liam not totally against the idea of the future Mrs Perry being a rich Mr Perry, a complication arises in his new barman job when his seductive charms hook the eye of the vet’s boyfriend—the owner. A dark-haired Casanova who’s keen to woo his pants off with champagne and sweet flattery.

Does money solve problems or cause bigger problems? With an empty fridge, and rent to pay, Liam can’t afford to lose another job.

The Review

Well, I’m not really sure how to start this review. This has to be the maddest book I’ve ever read with an MC that had me swinging from maddeningly frustrated to oddly charmed.

Liam is just a tad (read: excessively) dramatic in pretty much all parts of his life. He seems to be unable to hold on to a job, his hopes and dreams amount to finding an affluent wife so he can have a Tiki bar by the pool; but that soon changes to include the possibility of husband. Lawrence, at least at first, both turns him on and off but lust definitely wins out. They seem to have a non-relationship where things happen just when Lawrence wants, though Liam seems ok with this arrangement, at least at first. As time passes, he finds himself more attached but having never been in a relationship, isn’t sure what he’s feeling or what to do about it.

This is very much an over-the-top story in several ways. Liam’s character has a lot of personality, no filter or thought as to what he’s saying or to whom. He jumps straight into gay sex (no pun intended!), there’s no thought or time really given to what’s going on, especially that first time. The comedy aspects of what is said and done can occasionally, for me, go too far. I’m not one for cringy comedy, however you can’t help but smile/ laugh along with Liam’s antics.

It took me a while to warm up to Lawrence’s character as he seemed quite self-absorbed, at least in the beginning though it’s easy to read how attracted to Liam he is. He shows his care in ways that Liam isn’t accustomed to and so misses the meaning that Lawrence is trying to convey. The story ends as it starts with a cascading run of hilarious mishaps, bringing in all of the people we meet across the story and bringing HEA’s to them all.

I’d say that to enjoy this story, you have to just go with the flow. Take Liam as he comes and find the fun in the antics of he and those around him, including the crazy dogs with Pookie obviously being the favourite. The relationship with Lawrence is, let’s go with complicated, feeling like a constant roller-coaster of highs and lows but it’s all worth it in the end.

The Reviewer

Hello all, my name is Xanthe and I am excited to be a reviewer for the PRG.

I read a lot, every night for at least 4-5 hours and I love to get lost in the world that an author has created. The best ones leave you wanting more and at a loss for words to describe just how good it is but I’ll try my best.

I live in a small town in South West England, just me and my dog Bonnie. I work part time in administration and really enjoy my job and the people I work with which I am very aware is not always the case!

I’ll read pretty much any sub genre within the mm genre. Since discovering it a few years ago, I rarely read anything else. One thing I won’t touch is horror, a definite no no for me!

Never ask me what my favourite anything is as I’ll have to give you a list of about ten or twenty things. How am I able to pick one food, book or film out of so many that I love?! 


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