REVIEW: The Mistletoe Problem – Geneva Vand

The Mistletoe Problem - Geneva Vand

Genre: Romance, Holiday

LGBTQ+ Category: MM Gay

Reviewer: H.L.

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About The Book

Noah’s winter holiday seasons tend to be busy but uneventful. Most of his time is spent running his mildly magical gift shop and trying not to obsess over Robin, his much too appealing seasonal employee. When Robin bursts into the back room of the shop to tell him that something is wrong with the mistletoe, Noah realizes this year is going to be a bit more interesting. But it’s fine. All he has to do is retrieve all the spelled mistletoe before it causes kiss-filled chaos all over town while keeping his hands—and lips—off Robin. Simple, right? No problem at all.

The Review

The Mistletoe Problem is a short, sweet seasonal romance set in a world where magic exists just out of sight. Noah is the owner of Charming, a gift shop that sells an eclectic collection of mythology and history books and other items. It’s Christmas and the new mistletoe decorations are going up, but there’s a problem – it’s cursed (or enchanted?) to incite impromptu make-out sessions, and it’s struck employees and customers alike. 

Noah and his employee – and crush – Robin try to return it, but they also find themselves influenced by mistletoe and before they know it, they’re kissing. Noah freaks out, concerned (and rightfully so) about whether there was consent involved. And is the attraction is real, or was it only the influence of the mistletoe? But Robin knows his own feelings are genuine, and maybe it’s time for Noah to accept that his feelings are true as well.

Geneva Vand delivers a charming LGBT+ friendly Christmas romance. Though the tale does tackle important questions of consent, abuse of power (Noah is, after all, Robin’s boss), it is always aware and the romance is a delight. The Mistletoe Problem is a perfect quick and easy M/M read for Christmas – or any time of the year.

The Reviewer

H. L. is a Jewish Australian writer of LGBT+ fiction. She holds a Master of Arts in International Relations (2015) and a Bachelor of Media in Communications and Journalism (2012), both from the University of New South Wales.

She has been writing stories since she was old enough to hold a pen. She is the author of M/M fantasy romance novels Heart Of Dust and Soul Of Ash, Books 1 & 2 of the Death’s Embrace series.

She has had two speculative short stories published: “The Collector” in the 2014 Future Times Award Collection A Tick Tock Heart, and “Entente” in the 2020 Twisted Stories Award Collection Just Alice.

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