REVIEW: Derek’s Destiny – TL Travis

Derek's Destiny - TL Travis - Maiden Voyage

Genre: Contemporary, Rock & Roll

LGBTQ+ Category: Gay/MM

Reviewer: Linda. PRG

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About The Book

For Maiden Voyage lead vocalist, Derek Masters, life has had its fair share of ups and downs. Most recently, almost losing his best friend and lead guitarist, Ryder Hampton while they were on the road.

They’ve just come off a whirlwind European tour and have a few weeks of R&R before hitting Rocktoberfest in Nevada this fall. While Derek’s looking forward to time with his family, the loneliness of living in his big, empty house suffocates him. Seems rest isn’t always what one needs.

For Derek, he’s a natural caregiver, always wanting to help others. Even when it’s not in his best interest. Logan Bell has wanted to be a teacher since playing school in his backyard with his childhood friends. He loves to nurture young minds, and teach them the necessary skills in ways they can grasp and retain it.

Never for a moment did he think that gift would be turned on him. Can two souls who feel the need to be there for everyone, find a way to be there for themselves? Or will their hopes and dreams all be washed away by rushing floodwaters in a monsoon storm?

The Review

Derek Masters is the lead singer of Maiden Voyage who has been able to overcome some very bad mistakes in his life mainly being a heroin user. Derek was married to Lorraine and they had a son Colby when Lorraine refused to allow him to see his son he made the decision to clean up his act and for ten years he has been clean. His relationship with his ex-wife and his son is amazing and although on the road alot he always manages to make time for the most important person in his life, his son.

Logan Bell is a teacher, the career he always wanted only at his last school in a bad neighborhood he was attacked by a student and is now working at a private school trying to put his past behind him, unfortunately not even therapy and medicine is able to totally erase what happened. His best friend Julia is the only one he has and is the person who is always there to take him to task when he lets himself get too depressed.

Parent teacher meeting at the new school would change two men’s lives forever, Derek’s son Colby is in Logan’s class and when they first meet there is an instant attraction but there is also the case of them being from two separate worlds. Derek wastes no time in approaching Logan outside of school and they begin to see each other. Logan gets a taste of what being a celebrity is like, no privacy, every move you make is being caught on camera and if he wants to continue seeing Derek he will have to make a decision, can he live with having his life an open book.

I did not read the first book in the series, Ryder’s Guardian, and therefore, I missed out on what happened with all the men from the band. The writer states that this is a series that must be read in order since when the book ends the next book picks up from there but I did not feel lost and totally enjoyed this story of Derek and Logan but will anxiously await the next book.

The characters were wonderful, Derek’s relationship with his ex-wife and his son was what every person should strive towards. The band members are more like brothers than bandmates and are always there for each other.

I loved this story and highly recommend it but do suggest beginning with Ryder’s story and for those who did read book one Ryder and Max’ story continues although not in a big way enough to let everyone know what they are doing and how they are doing.

The Reviewer

I am an avid reader the mother of 3 sons and grandmother to seven grandchildren. Since retiring I have been doing more reading while volunteering as a CASA worker. CASA is an organization that works with the family court system to ensure that children are in the best living situation. There are way too many children that get overlooked in the foster care system and I visit homes and make visits to the parents. I was born and raised in New York and my husband of 50 years and I live in Upstate New York.  

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