REVIEW: The Harvest Moon, by Joshua Ian

Ther Harvest Moon - Joshua Ian

Title: The Harvest Moon

Series: Darkly Enchanted Romance

Author: Joshua Ian

Genre: Historical, Romance, Paranormal

LGBTQ+ Category: MM Gay

Publisher: Moody Boxfan Books

Pages: 60

Reviewer: Sharonica

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About The Book


The Review

England, 1834. 

On the night of a harvest moon, in the shadows of late autumn, Malcolm comes across a quaint village tucked away in the forest. It seems the perfect spot for a weary traveller to lay his head, and maybe find a little company. But there is dark magic afoot, and lots of local gossip swirls around the seductive titian-haired weaver, Daniel. All Malcolm seeks is a night’s pleasure. He never suspected he would have to worry about losing his life. Or his heart.

This novelette is about 14,000 words (~50 pages) in length and the first entry in the Darkly Enchanted Romance Series.

The Reviewer

I may be fairly new to the world of e-books, and audiobooks, but I am an old school girl so my print library reflects that. My sons call my reading room “The Dragon Lair,” with all the floor to ceiling bookshelves packed with everything from shifter romance novels to books on the Witches’ Goddess Hecate.

I love reading and read my first novel, “The Ring,” by Danielle Steel when I was in the 5th grade. While there were some things I didn’t “get” I completely understood the story as a whole and remember crying at certain times. While my friends read “Little House in the Big Woods,” I fell in love with ROMANCE! Decades later I am older, hopefully wiser, and still in love with romance. These days however my heart is captured by MM Romance, so that’s what I currently love to read and review…. 

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