REVIEW: Two For Home, By Tinnean

Two for Home - Tinnean

Title: Two for Home
Series: Home, Book 2
Author: Tinnean
Genre: Historical, Romance
LGBTQ+ Category: MM/Gay
Publisher: JMS Books
Pages/Word Count: 305 Pages
Reviewer: Maryann

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About the Book

In 1861, eleven-year old Zachary Taylor Browne marches off to war as a drummer boy with the 14th Brooklyn Chasseurs under the leadership of Lieutenant Steve Marriott, whom he worships. During the Battle of Antietam, he saves his lieutenant’s life and earns the nickname Sharps. When the 14th musters out in 1864, Sharps and Marriott part ways.

Steve Marriott has always liked the boy under his care but lost track of him after the war. Marriott becomes a wagon master, and in 1869 receives word the family of an old friend needs his help in traveling to the Dakotas. On the journey there, he crosses paths once again with Sharps, now a young man, and falls hopelessly in love.

But there’s danger awaiting them on the trail as well as misunderstandings. Can they arrive safely at their destination? Will Steve’s feelings be returned? And if so, can he and Sharps find a home together in the wild territory?

The Review

Zachary Taylor Browne grew up fast.  At age eleven he enlisted as a drummer boy for the Union Army in April of 1861.  It was a time when young boys grew up too fast with the tragedies of war and cruelty of how men treated each other.  Zach served under Lieutenant Steve Marriott of the 14th Regiment New York State Militia. As time went on Zach and Steve formed a special bond.  In September of 1862 during the Battle of Antietam, near Sharpsburg, Maryland, Zach shoots a Rebel Colonel to protect Lieutenant Marriott and earns the nickname Sharps.  

As the war continues Sharps and Marriotts bond becomes stronger and both earned promotions.  Marriott is now a Captain and to his surprise Sharps is a Corporal. When Marriott is going to be moved to a new infantry, Sharps is willing to go with Marriott.  He wants to follow the man he admires and continue fighting a war that hasn’t ended.  But General Doubleday makes an offer and a promotion to Sharps to take on a secret assignment.  

Needless to say, Marriott is disappointed and as time goes on he get’s out of the military and becomes a wagon master.  At the age of nineteen, Sharps has seen enough and resigns, never speaking of what he did and saw again.  

Once returned home, Sharps’ Pa tells him Marriotts been asking about him and they make plans to meet Marriott on his next trip out.  

From here on out, there’s lot’s of adventure, jealousy, misunderstandings and humor too.  Some of you may be thinking “where’s the paranormal, sci-fi or fantasy” but this is just an entertaining, old classic, old western melodrama.  It has everything, from great characters forging through harsh times, damsels in distress and a little cross dressing for good reason.  There’s even a widow and lot’s of evil villains.  Of course, George Pettigrew, Bart Hall, Franklin Thompson and the kid’s are a big part of this story.  They first appeared in their own story “Home Before Sundown” that kicked off this series and gave us a glimpse of Marriott and Sharps.

There’s fact and fiction mixed in with tidbits at the end with  “Author’s Note” about Gettysburg and music of that time period.I don’t know what Tinnean has planned but I would beg for another story from the “Home Before Sundown” series.

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