Xenia’s Rant: Bumblebees and Fairies

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Hi folks,

I just realized it’s time for my rant again… When I thought what I could write about this time, it struck me that most of those things were pretty serious: marriage equality in Germany (finally) and the hateful reactions from some people; the G20 in Hamburg and how some people confused it with an invitation to destroy other people’s property; how the media focused on those few rioters and barely mentioned the huge majority that demonstrated peacefully and how the real problems – refugees, climate change, growing aggression in the world,… – were practically ignored; a post from a woman who gave ten reasons why homosexual couples should be forbidden to have/adopt children; how many of us seem to forget all rules concerning polite conversation once we can act in the secure anonymity of the web; how picking a side seems to have become more important than actually solving a problem by means of discussion; and on and on and on my list goes and each topic deserves a rant, possibly two.

But it’s summer time and for some reasons, I don’t want to rant – at least not about how bad the world is. So let’s talk about an entirely different topic: the possibility of bumblebees being fairies.

Those who know me also know I have a thing for bumblebees. Don’t ask me why, it’s one of those strange personal likes everybody has. To me it’s bumblebees and sunflowers. In my opinion bumblebees are simply the cutest with their furry, plump bodies and small wings that shouldn’t be able to carry them – and yet they do. Makes you think twice about the fairy theory, doesn’t it?

According to something I read, they change their shape during the night, when people can’t see them. Then they are creatures of perfect grace and utter beauty – which, to me, they are during the day as well… so my point is…

Rats! Seems like I always end up with something serious. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Always. So let’s not mock the bumblebee, because to some, it looks like a fairy.

I don’t know about you, but somehow, talking about bumblebees always makes me feel better… Next time, I rant again, promise.


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6 thoughts on “Xenia’s Rant: Bumblebees and Fairies

  1. That is a great post. I too wish the media would have focused on the peaceful protesters. So much good could have come from that area!

    • Thank you, Diane. And yes, so much good could have come… Now everybody is just talking about the violence and trying to put the blame elsewhere… Sad.

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