We Broke the 1,000 Book Level!


It was a good week at QRI. We surpassed 1,000 books on the site – 1,030 to be exact – and now have more than 230 authors.

We have our first official advertisers on board – Dreamspinner and MLR Press.

And on Friday our developer will be upgrading the site to version four, which will set the stage for getting our long awaited search and page filtering.

We’re also addressing the site slowness – it’s a new system and we’ve loaded a lot into it. Our ISP and developer are working to make the site run more efficiently and quickly.

Once we launch V4, we’ll start doing more reader outreach. But we’re already on track to have almost 7,000 visitors this month.

We have a lot of other features and improvements planned too – stay tuned! Thanks for coming along for the ride!

–Scott & Mark

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