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Barrett & Ivan – A.D. Ellis
Despite the curve balls thrown at him throughout his childhood, Barrett Kenner is now a successful musician. The only thing missing is romance. Ivan Romanov killed a man to save his sister’s life. Although he has served his time, Ivan’s past left him with baggage far heavier than the meager belongings he carries out of prison. Barrett clings to the memory of a fervent kiss, a kiss that Ivan tries to pretend meant nothing. When the two men finally accept their feelings for each other, life should be smooth sailing, but the past still lurks in the shadows. Can Barrett and Ivan protect their love and their lives, or will dangers from long ago be more than they can withstand?

Changing Focus – D.J. Jamison
When two Ashe Sentinel staffers are thrown together to cover breaking news and bullets fly, it’s an eye-opening experience. Jorge is new to the Ashe Sentinel, and it’s not going well. The staff doesn’t respect him, and a confrontation with the sexy but arrogant senior photographer only adds to his stress. But after Mac puts him in a situation that nearly gets him shot, Jorge realizes he doesn’t know as much about being a newsman as he thought he did. Mac is frustrated by Jorge’s inability to see the big picture. Journalism is about more than grammar and spell checks. When a stand-off gives him the perfect opportunity to teach Jorge a lesson, he seizes it — but immediately regrets putting the gorgeous editor in danger. In the aftermath, Jorge earns Mac’s respect. But can Mac apologize enough for his behavior — and his inappropriate apologies that follow — to ever earn Jorge’s affection, or will he lose his chance to the police sergeant with a flirty smile?

The Way You Look Tonight – Jo Tannah
As a member of a wealthy and influential family, Jaime “Jamie” Abello had his life mapped out. Being shipped off to LA with an insurance scam linked to his name was not part of his plan. It had seemed so simple: pass the Philippines Medical Board Exam; practice in the family-owned and -controlled hospital; join the Board by age forty; and find a partner with whom he could settle down and be himself. Instead, his father supplies him with a surfeit of money and dangerous secrets and sends him to a strange country. The Pediatric Residency Program Jamie applies for brings him face to face with untouchable Program Director, Miles Kwon, whom Jamie soon finds to be a man of integrity and vision. When tragedy strikes, Jamie finds himself falling deeper into depression. Unexpectedly, it’s Miles who helps him work through his pain. Will Jamie ever experience a life with a loving partner, or will his father’s secrets cause him to lose everything he’s gained?

Dirty Pool – Kayla Jameth
The Anvil isn’t Joe’s first choice for a night out. But he’s too well known at his regular bar to pull off what he has in mind—a night of sex and dirty pool. Joe’s going to sink some balls, but is his boy ready?

The Art of Displacing Nero – Layla Dorine
Nero keeps his mind sharp and his body toned for the nights he spends stripping for horny men. In the light of day, however, he’s bitter. Can his best friend Vance help restore his belief in love? Vance has always loved cooking. His dream is to return to the coast of Maine where he grew up to open his own restaurant. The closer he gets to that goal, the angrier he feels when Nero doesn’t seem to have any goals or plans for the future. He wants better for Nero, even while harboring a secret dream that somewhere in Nero’s future there might be a place for him.

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