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Virgin Shifters: Shifting for the First Time ~ A Limited Edition Collection

First time shifting

There’s a first time for everything. When these shifters come of age, shifting for their first time into their true form, you never know what will happen. Is that love in the air, or just mating rituals handed down from one generation to another?

Pick up this exciting boxset with new to you authors and some old favorites. It’s sure to please and give you hours of reading pleasure.

Including JS Bright, Melissa E Costa, Nicole Dennis, Kelly Fox, Jessie G, Miski Harris, Katey Hawthorne, Kris Jacen, Jacki James, Kim Katil, Elle Keaton, Wren Kenzie, K-Lee Klein, Ari McKay, Lynn Michaels, Megs Prichard, JP Sayle, Victoria Sue, TL Travis, Sara York

by Kim Katil

Shift to Gray

Bryan is perfectly happy with his life. He has a best friend he can rely on, a tomcat he can’t but loves anyway, and neighborhood hellhounds that he spoils outrageously. But New Rialto can be dangerous, and when shadow wraiths cross his path, his life changes forever.

As a natural-born shifter Alpha, Dusty has gathered a pack of true gargoyles, magical creatures of stone and magic. His Pack has grown stronger as the gargoyles under his protection find their chosen ones, a binding that stabilizes their magic and transforms the chosen humans into shifters.

When Bryan tries to return a lost gargoyle, Dusty realizes that life has gotten a lot more complicated. He’ll need finesse and skill to convince Bryan to accept his role in the Pack - as a gargoyle shifter and as Dusty’s mate. And it’s starting to look like the hellhounds that follow Bryan like demented lapdogs are the least of Dusty’s worries, as a lethal new threat stalks the city.

BlessEd Be The Dead by TL Travis

First Fire by Lynn Michaels

Leopards Lair by Miski Harris

Mountain Air by Kris Jacen

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Call of the Night Singers

Call of the Night Singers - Ari McKay



When Garland Heatherford is named heir to his uncle’s vast fortune, he isn’t pleased by the honor, and with good reason. The last five heirs all met with most untimely deaths – four of them from drowning. Although loathe to accept his inheritance, Garland nevertheless travels to the “cursed” town of Bath, North Carolina, to meet his aged uncle, hoping to avoid the fate of his predecessors. But Garland has something in his favor the other heirs didn’t: his lover, Geoffrey Wainwright.

The sight of the decaying hulk of Heatherford House dismays both men, yet they have little choice but to enter a world where a miasma of horror lies beneath a veneer of breeding, and madness and death seem to lurk in every corner. Ruling over all is the presence of sinister Roderick Heatherford, who has managed to outlive five young, healthy heirs despite his allegedly poor health. When an unexpected illness strikes Garland and he begins to sleepwalk, lured from bed by singing only he can hear, Geoffrey resolves to protect Garland from every danger – even if it costs him his own life.

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No Pain No Gain

No Pain, No Gain - Ari McKay - Herc's Mercs

by Ari McKay



Hunter Callahan loved being a merc. As an explosives expert for Lawson & Greer, he’s dealt with everything from IEDs to rogue nukes. But when a suicide bomber in the form of a seven-year-old boy walks into camp, Hunter learns there are some fates far worse than death.

Payne Gibson recognizes the “thousand yard stare” of the PTSD Hunter refuses to acknowledge, and as a natural caretaker, he can’t resist when his boss, Cade “Hercules” Thornton, asks him to help. Hunter is resistant until their surveillance assignment turns dangerous, and Hunter realizes he’s in danger of losing his career, the only thing in his life that matters to him anymore.

Conventional therapy hasn’t worked, so Payne suggests an unorthodox form of therapy: BDSM. As a Dom, Payne thinks he can help Hunter face the issues he’s been avoiding. Having come to trust Payne and knowing his career is on the line, Hunter agrees to try.

Their relationship as Dom and sub deepens more than either of them expected. Payne knows adding emotions into the mix is dangerous, but he can’t help it when Hunter is both the man and the sub Payne has hoped to find. But Hunter doesn’t feel he deserves love, not when his best friend is dead because of him, leaving behind a wife and child to mourn -- and to blame Hunter for their loss.

Payne can help Hunter to stare into the abyss… but what stares back might be more intense than either of them can handle.

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