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Zavian Glory

Zavian Glory has always been fascinated with the idea of angels, demons, and all kinds of powerful and otherworldly.

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Word Count: Information not available

Character Identities: Gay

Summary: The holiday season has rolled around and Cayden Winter has been invited to his first Saturnalia, the holiday his werewolf boyfriend celebrates with his family at Christmastime. While he's nervous about meeting the extended family, he's excited to learn more about his boyfriend's culture and honored to be invited as a human. Adrien Magnus has never had the pleasure of having a mate for Saturnalia, and he's excited for Cayden to join him and his family for the week-long celebration around Christmas. He deeply enjoys showing more of werewolf culture to his human mate, but there is a secret he's been keeping about how deeply he feels their mating bond. Will the holiday be the push he needs to finally be honest? Werewolf Days of Christmas is a sweet, lighthearted holiday story and is the sequel to Werewolf Days of Summer. CONTENT WARNINGS: Sexual content, mentions of an abusive relationship (physically and sexually), discussions of fatal diseases, discussions of childbearing requirements

Werewolf Days of Christmas - Zavian Glory
Werewolf Days of ChristmasPairings: M-M

Word Count: 35000

Character Identities: Gay

Summary: Cayden Winter has been trying to get his life back together since the day his abusive ex left him for someone else, but he doesn't think he's ready for a new relationship yet. That is, until he meets his hot new neighbor, Adrien, and gets hired by him to build a new website for the company Adrien works for. The fact that Adrien wants anything to do with him beyond business, though, just seems too good to be true. When Adrien Magnus is asked to get a new website for his brother-in-law's company, he doesn't expect that his cute neighbor will be the one to do it, nor does he expect Cayden to agree to go on a date with him when he asks. But dating a human brings a set of challenges he didn't fully consider, the biggest of which is how to explain that he's a werewolf. Until the night Adrien breaks one of the strictest werewolf rules and goes out alone on the night of the full moon, only to be hit by a car and left in pain in front of Cayden's house, changing everything. But who would drive onto Cayden's lawn and attempt to hit what appeared to be a dog, and why? CONTENT WARNINGS: Mentions of past abuse (physical and sexual), minor violence, mentions of the loss of parents/parental figures/grandparents, sexual content

Werewolf Days of Summer - Zavian Glory - Werewolf Days
Werewolf Days of SummerPairings: M-M