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Zavian Glory

Zavian Glory has always been fascinated with the idea of angels, demons, and all kinds of powerful and otherworldly.

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Books By Zavian Glory

Word Count: 35000

Character Identities: Gay

Summary: Cayden Winter has been trying to get his life back together since the day his abusive ex left him for someone else, but he doesn't think he's ready for a new relationship yet. That is, until he meets his hot new neighbor, Adrien, and gets hired by him to build a new website for the company Adrien works for. The fact that Adrien wants anything to do with him beyond business, though, just seems too good to be true. When Adrien Magnus is asked to get a new website for his brother-in-law's company, he doesn't expect that his cute neighbor will be the one to do it, nor does he expect Cayden to agree to go on a date with him when he asks. But dating a human brings a set of challenges he didn't fully consider, the biggest of which is how to explain that he's a werewolf. Until the night Adrien breaks one of the strictest werewolf rules and goes out alone on the night of the full moon, only to be hit by a car and left in pain in front of Cayden's house, changing everything. But who would drive onto Cayden's lawn and attempt to hit what appeared to be a dog, and why? CONTENT WARNINGS: Mentions of past abuse (physical and sexual), minor violence, mentions of the loss of parents/parental figures/grandparents, sexual content

Werewolf Days of Summer - Zavian Glory - Werewolf Days
Werewolf Days of SummerPairings: M-M

Word Count: 23,000

Character Identities: Ace, Pansexual

Summary: Henry is a civilized demon. Using magic to obscure his true identity, he lives and works among mortals, thriving as a part of the human world with its abundant chaotic energy. He has a job among humans and an old house full of books he has collected over the centuries. But his perfect life changes when he meets two Fallen angels, one whose death he helps to fake, and another who seems determined to destroy him. Reyuael is a Power, an angel created with the sole purpose of hunting down demons. When a fellow Fallen angel brings the demon Henry around, Reyuael immediately senses that there is more to him than he is letting on. Unable to rest until he determines if Henry is a danger to others, he tracks the demon to his old house and the overgrown cemetery that is the source of all Reyuael's concerns. Demon and angel need to learn to work together to find out what is truly poisoning the land at Henry's home, or one of them might just end up in Hell. CONTENT WARNINGS: Brief reference to a fatal workplace accident, violence, sexual content, mentions of the destruction of human skeletons that are a couple hundred years old, cemeteries, old churches, and worldbuilding elements based on Christian mythology that some may find objectionable

Power of Demons - Zavian Glory
Power of DemonsPairings: M-M, M-NB

Word Count: Information not available

Character Identities: Gay, Genderfluid, Genderqueer

Summary: Aamun is one of the Fallen, an angel banished from Heaven for loving the mortal world more than he loves God. Relegated to an eternity on Earth, he has chosen to spend his days continuing the work he was created for: protecting the mortal world from the ravishing of demons. As an agent of the Mortal Protection Agency he infiltrates corporations to find the evidence needed to topple corrupt management controlled by demons - both true demons and mortal ones. Jake Sanford works at a big box store with the unassuming name of Smith's. In his short time there he has attempted to report multiple safety issues that have never been addressed. Frustrated and hoping to protect his fellow workers, he looks for help outside the company, not entirely sure it will do any good. Then Aamun starts working at the store and admits to being sent there to investigate all of Jake's complaints. Following every tip Jake gives him, Aamun sets about his undercover operation with the promise that his organization, the Workers' Protection Agency, will handle the management as soon as Aamun has enough evidence. But finding out that his new friend is an ancient being of grace and power will utterly shatter everything Jake thought he knew about the world around him, and completely change his future. CONTENT WARNINGS: Fatal workplace accidents, attempted sexual assault, worldbuilding elements based on Christian mythology that some may find objectionable

Mortal Protection - Zavian Gklory
Mortal ProtectionPairings: M-M