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Xavier Axelson

Xavier Axelson is a writer and columnist living in Los Angeles. Xavier's work has been featured in various erotic and horror anthologies

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Books By Xavier Axelson

Word Count: 18,322

Character Identities: Gay

Summary: When Pryor's daughter Lily is taken by a wolf, Pryor is convinced she has turned into the creature he sees lurking in his woods.  He swears she promises to return to him. But is it his despair and desperation making him see things, or is there something more lurking in the shadows of the forest? When he meets Ned, a silversmith who helps him with a plan to bring his daughter back into his life, he begins to live again. But can his newfound love help ease the horror that may be waiting? Maybe the ultimate horror wasn’t when Lily was taken, because things get worse when she returns and Pryor realizes his nightmare has only just begun.

Lily - Xavier Axelson
LilyPairings: M-M

Word Count: Information not available

Character Identities: Gay

Summary: Following the sudden death of his father, Lawrence must comfort his bereaved mother, and find the strength to continue the family business; a local and beloved lavender farm. When a stunningly handsome and passionate soccer player crosses his path, Lawrence discovers light in the possibility of love and the ability to embrace life and heal his heart. Set in the beautiful Northern California mountains, 'Lavender' is the story of a young man struggling to find meaning and love in his life.

Lavender - Xavier Axelson
LavenderPairings: M-M