VM Sanford

V.M Sanford has been writing about the paranormal since he was a child but decided to give publishing a try only in his thirties.

He found out he likes writing about more than wolf shifters and already has several plot bunnies lined up, waiting for him to write their books.

He’s lived all over Europe and enjoys cats, ice hockey and reading biographies of kings and queens. He finally decided to come out as a transgender man, at least to his readers.

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Contact Information:

Email Address: authorvmsanford@gmail.com

Books By VM Sanford

Series: Lyesti Alliance Series

The Royal Son - V.M. Sanford - Lyesti Alliance
The Royal Son

VM Sanford ...

Pairing: MM

September 30, 2016

The Healer's Alpha - V.M. Sanford - Lyesti Alliance
The Healer's Alpha

VM Sanford ...

Pairing: MM

January 18, 2017

The Knight's Wolf - V.M. Sanford - Lyesti Alliance
The Knight's Wolf

VM Sanford ...

Pairing: MM

July 13, 2017