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Toshi Drake

Toshi Drake is a Canadian author who doesn't mind snow that much.

Venturing out into the wild world of book land, Toshi plans on exploring everything that grabs their attention.

Slow burns, friends to lovers, sweet heat and fun characters. Expect the unexpected, especially the Spanish Inquisition.

A die-hard geek, there will always be some sort of pop culture moments as quotes and jokes make the world go 'round. Disney, anime, sci-fi, fantasy are all fair game. I dare you to find all the Easter eggs.

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Books By Toshi Drake

Stand-Alone Books

Word Count: 81000

Character Identities: Gay

Summary: Can a sorcerer apprentice learn to control his magic before the elder demon destroys his home? Fledgling sorcerer Isaac and his friends accidentally create a spell that sets a cryptid town on top of theirs. With no one hurt in the aftermath, they put the night of the Red Storm behind them and opened their arms to the new residents, shifters monsters and everything in between. Caspian, a sweetly sexy fox shifter has turned his considerable affections and attention toward Isaac, making him smitten in return. Unfortunately, not everyone is welcoming and not everyone is kind. A corrupt mayor and his cronies want to use Isaac for his unique and powerful magic. With the help of Caspian, his foxy boyfriend, and his mentor, Darius, Isaac discovers that magic can be fun and helpful in the battle to save his town from the grasping hands of an elder demon hellbent on taking over. Monsters In Love is a small-town series where monsters, humans and others find love and community. This book includes a sweet cinnamon roll fox and his shy sorcerer, found family and small-town charm. There is a happy for now ending but the main couple is together

Foxes Love Sorcerers - Toshi Drake Monsters in Love
Foxes Love SorcerersPairings: M-M

Series: Elements of Dragons

Word Count: 64000

Character Identities: Gay

Summary: Information not available

Fire Dragon Blazes Through - Toshi Drake
Fire Dragon Blazes ThroughPairings: M-M

Word Count: 54000

Character Identities: Gay

Summary: When former dragon grandmaster Adelphos handed over the mantle of authority to a new generation, he didn’t anticipate the effects of boredom. So the shiny tablet device from the human realm is a delight… and so is the human he encounters online. Jake is lonely and relishes chatting with the mysterious person he’s met through a video game. Their oddly intense connection encourages him to pursue his curious attraction. But strange dreams from a distant time and a gut-wrenching event reveal there is more for Jake beyond the human world… and his human form. Sometimes fate gives a second chance at first love, and first love might be destined mates. But can Adelphos and Jake confront the past and forgive themselves for a mistake done a long time ago… Featuring second chances, fated mates, reincarnation, humans in another realm and found family, this book is sure to make you laugh and swoon at the sweetness of it all. Tags: cellphone games FTW, omg I killed him. Fated mates, dragons being dragons,who needs friends when you got family, Jake hearts Skydra, nicknames all over the place. One helluva first kiss. Can they do it again? Outdoor fun times, human dragon relations, will Adelphos ever forgive himself? Geeky Easter eggs,    

Sky Dragon Lights Up - Toshi Drake
Sky Dragon Lights UpPairings: M-M

Series: Monsters In Love

Word Count: 74000

Character Identities: Demisexual, Gay

Summary: With his friends’ lives on the line, can Adam find the confidence in magic to save them? When Trey rescued a mushroom child on the night of the Red Storm, he didn’t think his whole life would be upended. Nothing that happened after that night was part of his plans, other than maybe asking out Adam, the man who helped save MushMush. Not all is well. A new enemy is in town and he has his eyes set on Adam and Trey. Adam’s keeping big secrets from everyone, much to Trey’s dismay. The stability of their relationship is crumbling and when the new enemy changes Trey, Adam has to step up and reveal his new abilities. Adam has to learn that magic is a friend that will help and guide him if he lets it. In order to save his boyfriend as well as the town, Adam must embrace his powers in order to stop Hastur and his plans. This is the second book in the Monsters in Love series and features best friends to lovers, found family, secrets so big, biting moments of pleasure, and a demon hellbent on exacting revenge.

Wraiths Adore Gods - Toshi Drake
Wraiths Adore GodsPairings: M-M

Word Count: 86000

Character Identities: Demisexual, Gay

Summary: With imminent destruction possible, and the trust of the townsfolk gone, can Darius and Bale work together and set things right to send Hastur back to his demonic dimension? Darius has worked hard to get where he is now. He has a home, two cats and a close circle of friends. He doesn’t mind that lightning sparks out of his fingers when he’s about to lose control, or his former lover, Bale, keeps hanging around, waiting for forgiveness Darius doesn’t believe he deserves. He is fine. Everything is fine. Bale knows that trying to get back into Darius’s good graces will require perseverance and a lot of patience. He’s determined to do it though, because Darius is the world to him. Agreeing to work with Hastur nearly killed him but it was worth it to keep Darius safe. He’s going to prove to Darius that he always loved him. Though their world is in constant peril, and friendships are strained to almost breaking Darius and Bale will fight to the death to keep the Elder Demon, Hastur, from consuming their town. With second chances, enemies to lovers, prickly heroes and their adoring demons, Darius and Bale will show that all saving the world takes is love and patience.

Demons Treasure Warlocks - Toshi Drake - Monsters in Love
Demons Treasure WarlocksPairings: M-M

Series: Must Be Aliens!

Word Count: 50000

Character Identities: Gay

Summary: With time running out, can Tobias and Malik find a way to be together forever or are they destined for a lonely Christmas? Tobias Prince was only in the park to help set for the town’s Winter holiday decorations. He didn’t mean to hide away in cedar hedges. He certainly didn’t expect to run into an alien cyborg. But when Malik the cyborg followed him home, he accepted it. What else does one do when an alien follows them? Malik Io’s only hope for returning to the stars is to find a resident of the planet and pray they’re willing to help. When he meets Tobias, he’s struck by the young man’s bravado and innate kindness. He wants to be a part of Tobias’s life and he hopes that he can do the same for Tobias. With Christmas baking, Light Up nights and parades, Malik and Tobias slowly fall in love during the holiday season, even though they both know their time together is limited. Can they find a way to be together or will this be one last holiday fling?

Cyborgs Save Christmas - Toshi Drake - Must Be Aliens
Cyborgs Save ChristmasPairings: M-M

Series: StarStation

Word Count: 54000

Character Identities: Gay

Summary: Lieutenant Michael Collins’s week just went to hell. The suspicious actions of his captain escalates as he orders Michael to investigate a dead ship’s heart—the cephalopods that pilot the star drive system. The mission forces Michael from the safety of his ship and his lover, Commander Eizen Sartris, while straining the bond with his own ship’s heart, Padua. Attacked by Siwu pirates, Michael finds refuge on a damaged alien vessel, where he waits for Eizen to rescue him. But in the dark cold wreckage, he discovers a thriving garden tended by a strange young boy on behalf of his enigmatic “Mama.” Fear dominates Michael’s thoughts as he struggles not to succumb to the darkness and terror of abandonment. To survive he must rely on his wits and hold fast to his faith that Eizen will find him before the pirates—or before the mysterious entity on board decides to destroy him.

Entity - Toshi Drake
EntityPairings: M-M

Word Count: 50000

Character Identities: Ace, Non Binary

Summary: Can a man with secrets learn to accept himself and find love on a StarStation overrun with pirates? Commander Jax Trest is a man with mysteries, even ones he doesn’t realize. Forced to recover after a harrowing event on board his spaceship, Trest meets Asyran commander, Zoagashta, a person who opens his mind to possibilities and acceptance. As Trest discovers that affection and love don’t have requirements, he begins to relax and sink into the emotions Zoagashta evokes. But all is not peaceful when the Siwu arrive and attempt to kidnap Trest for his ability to bond with ship’s hearts. Through harrowing corridor chases and death-defying leaps into the unknown, will Trest learn to accept all that he is so he can reunite with the person who always understood who he was? Sanctity features asexual awakenings, discovery of one’s true self, sweet courtships, and grumpy/sunshine first loves, along with heart-pounding moments of courageous heroes and villainous pirates.

Sanctity - Toshi Drake - Starstation
SanctityPairings: M-NB

Word Count: 61000

Character Identities: Bisexual, Gay

Summary: With the planet on the brink of erupting and his memories gone, can Commander Damon Wild find his way back home?  Commander Damon Wild is not having a good day. Being shot down on a remote planet by the Siwu pirates and then losing his memories is enough to make a good man desperate. When his situation becomes worse—a planetary eruption—Damon knows he must do something. A small scientific outpost at the centre of a caldera offers something he had only dreamt about, hope. Captain Zaveid L’eau offers Damon a place to recover and space to find himself once more. The attractive captain distracts him from his troubles, and it is enough. Damon can see light at the end of the tunnel and Zaveid is the one lighting the way. With a volcano on the brink of exploding and pirates constantly nipping at his heels, Damon doesn’t have time for peace. The pirates are breathing down their necks and a massive eruption destroying everything, Damon must learn to trust Zaveid with his heart and that no matter the circumstances, love will give them the strength to defeat all enemies, including their own self-doubt. Calamity is the fourth book of the StarStation series, featuring amnesiac heroes, long-suffering captains, and a race against time. Because of the unique circumstances of this book, one does not need to read the previous books, but it is better to get the whole picture.

Calamity - Toshi Drake - Starstation
CalamityPairings: M-M

Word Count: 58000

Character Identities: Gay

Summary: Can Gratch save his friends and keep his heart safe before the space pirates destroy everything? Commander Gratch is stressed. He needs peace after almost losing his friends twice to the space pirates. With the crew of the Padua taking time to rehabilitate and relax on the Asyran Moon, Gratch hopes that all will be well; however, a tiny niggle of suspicion rears its ugly head and all Gratch knows is paranoia. Not everything can be this perfect. All hell will break loose if Gratch isn’t ready. But a nighttime flirtation on the beach with Tyr, a mysterious man, distracts him from his worries and fear. Until all hell breaks loose and allies become enemies. Separated from his friends and with deadly robots intent on experimenting on him, Gratch fights to escape. His only chance at surviving is with Tyr who just happened to be at the right place at the right time, ready to rescue him. Tyr’s knowledge of the land and his sneaky ways worry Gratch. What if this man with his sly humour and his pretty eyes is only helping Gratch to further the Siwu’s agenda? What if Gratch falls for him only to discover how dangerous Tyr is to his family? Is love worth the cost of an alliance? Featuring a stoic hero and his sexy spy, Temerity will take you on a ride of nights lost in a jungle, killer robots and love built on trust.

Temerity - Toshi Drake - Starstation
TemerityPairings: M-M