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T.A. Venedicktov

T.A. Venedicktov is in reality two people.

A, Ariana Juno, is a full-time working single mother with a love of chai tea lattes and tumblr. When A is not working or raising two amazing children she is plotting with her co-author. Ariana has been in the medical field for fifteen years and has a love of travel. She lives in the Midwest and has an ice cream habit which calls for an intervention. Ariana daydreams most of the plots of the T.A. novels—daily, hourly, nonstop, which drives TC nuts at times.

T, TC Nocte, is a full-time mom with a background in theatrical carpentry. TC has travelled outside the USA to multiple countries. The main headliner in regards to editing and keeping their writing in order as well as trying to untangle all of Ariana’s random ideas. TC lives in Florida with her fiancé and three human children as well as three cat babies. She’s been battling Sjogren’s Disease while drinking coffee and kicking ass.

The duo has been writing unprofessionally for over a decade together and hope to share their characters with the world.

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Books By T.A. Venedicktov

Word Count: 126,531

Character Identities: Demisexual

Summary: Together, they can change the rules of the galaxy and the definition of humanity. When Damion Hawk is offered an opportunity to escape the destitute life of a miner on Mars and become an elite Alpha Fighter pilot, he jumps at the chance. Within the Chrysalis Corporation, Damion must learn to work with his Core—a man with computerized implants, no human emotions—and no rights. But unlike other Fighters, Damion can’t treat Core 47 as a tool. He sees 47 as more than a machine, and he’ll take deadly risks to help 47 find the humanity inside him. Fighters and Cores are designed to work together and enhance each other’s strengths in defense of their employer. Damion and 47 will need each other’s support as suspicions about the all-powerful Chrysalis Corporation arise. Someone wants Damion and 47 gone, and they need to find out who and why while hiding 47’s growing emotions and the love forming between them. If they can succeed, they might save not only themselves, but all Cores enslaved by the Corporation.

Chrysalis Corporation - T.A. Vendicktov
Chrysalis Corporation

T.A. Venedicktov ...

Pairing: M-M

November 17, 2015