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Sophia Soames

Sophia Soames is a Scandinavian, UK based, Author of contemporary MM romance. She writes stories of everyday people with kids and families living real life fairytales.

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Books By Sophia Soames

Word Count: 80000

Character Identities: Bisexual, Questioning

Summary: “We’re going to have a brilliant Christmas, Andreas. Just like it was ten years ago, all of us together,” Vati said, placing steaming cups of coffee in front of us. “We’re just pointing out that you and Fredrik always had something special, and you haven’t seen each other for years. It will be lovely for you to reconnect.” “Reconnecting is fine. We can discuss college life versus German nursing schools, drink Jägerbombs and watch weird Norwegian shit on TV. Christmas will be thrilling.” “Andreas…” Vati warned as Lottie burst into giggles. “You adore Fredrik. Still. I can see it in your eyes. You go all panic-stricken and weird when we even mention Freee—” “Fredrik has a girlfriend in America. Maria hates my guts. Frank and Thomas will whip my butt for not visiting over summer, and anyway, I have to buy them a big present to bribe them to even talk to me.” Vati smiled. “Frank and Thomas love you like a son, and they will just hug the shit out of you as usual.” “Alongside Maria’s boyfriend, and Fredrik’s girlfriend. It will be a delightful group hug.” I snarled. “Fredrik’s girlfriend isn’t coming. I told you that,” Vati said sternly. He was pissed off with me already, and we hadn’t even had breakfast. “Whatever.” I huffed. Awkward was the word I was looking for. This whole thing was going to be super awkward. Because they always were. And Fredrik? My world used to spin around the strange, blonde boy who was my best friend for a few years. He lit up my life. Then he fucked off. Well, he fucked off because I told him to. I was stupid and scared. I think he was too. Awkward. That wasn’t even the start of what this Christmas was going to be like. Life is Right here takes place ten years after the end of Life is Good and Other Lies. Everyone has lived a little better. Loved a little harder. Lost and found, over and over again. But how do you move on when you are supposed to have grown up, but you are still the same person you were ten years ago? How do you find someone to love, when your heart will always belong to someone else? But most of all, how do you keep living, when your world is slowly crumbling in front of your eyes, and there is nothing you can do to stop it. Life is right here. And you just have to somehow live it. Life is right here is the second book in the Life is Good series, and the books should be read in order. Please read trigger warnings. (less)

Life is Right Here - Magdalena Di Sotru and Sophia Soames
Life is Right Here
Pairings: M-M

Word Count: 110000

Character Identities: Bisexual, Gay, Transgender

Summary: This is not a romance. This is what happens when life goes on, when people grow and fall out of sync. Not out of love; some people are just meant to be. Thomas at least hopes that is the case, even though he sometimes feels like he’s clinging to his marriage by a brittle thread. Frank clutches to the scraps that are left, knowing he’s the root cause of Thomas’ grey hairs, their kids being hormonal monsters and his own sanity being questionable at the best of times. Gabriel needs to stop worrying and take control of his life, but with young kids and a body that refuses to do what it’s supposed to do—to sustain and nourish and build muscle to keep bones in place—his feels like a traitor, laughing in his face when he struggles to keep it together. He knows he is loved. His kids are everything. But his marriage feels like a distant memory, and he’s tumbling from one disaster into another. It’s just…life. Bruno thought this holiday would bring them closer together as a family. Isn’t that what a trip abroad is supposed to do? Four weeks in the Swedish mosquito-infested countryside, sharing a farm with strangers. He should have known better. Life is good. But the rest? Lies. All lies. Life is Good and Other Lies is the story of one messy holiday, two crumbling marriages, five bored kids and a farm full of secrets. This is not a romance, instead this is a tale of those happily ever afters. The ups and downs, the good and the downright ugly. The pitfalls of parenting, the laughter and tears, and the joy of simply fighting for the people you love. It’s also an ode to friendships, because sometimes the family you chose, is the one who will have your back when it truly matters. Please read the trigger warnings. No cheating, polyamorous couplings, break ups or age gaps. The second book, Life is right here will be published in December 2022.

Life is Good and Other Lies - Magdalena Di Sotru and Sophia Soames
Life is Good and Other Lies
Pairings: M-M

Word Count: 108000

Character Identities: Bisexual

Summary: Meet Ryan, aka, Joey Hole, disgraced former adult entertainer with more issues than he can keep track of. His boyfriend left him for an Instagram twink with 150K followers, his Mum wants him out of her spare room and then there's that idiot at college who just won't take no for an answer. Meet Luke. He was once the rich kid who'd just been gifted his first car, and now he doesn't even own a bike. He's also slumming it in a house full of ungrateful siblings and his first trip to the Food-bank gave him some goddamn emotional scars. Life is getting better though, and he's acing it at college, as well as making some brilliant new friends. Well except for that stuck up twatwaffle Ryan who won't talk to him and refuses to like his brilliant social media posts.... The first of Sophia Soames new London Series. This series will follow the ups and downs of three couples living extraordinary ordinary London lives.

Breathe - Sophia Soames - London Loveless
Pairings: M-M

Word Count: 63000

Character Identities: Gay


Oskar Høiland hides from life. It just makes things easier that way, not having to face all the fears and drama of living. He especially hides from other people, because Oskar has grown up fearing the snide remarks and the quick glances that strip him of the tiny scraps of confidence he still has left. He is just going to keep existing. Work hard to complete his medical degree and perhaps watch a few more series on Netflix in peace and quiet over Christmas. Erik Nøst Hansen should be an almost fully-fledged adult. He should be able to sort out the mess that festers in his head and stop lying. It’s just hard. And it’s bloody terrifying to even acknowledge the thoughts that swirl around in his head at night when he can’t sleep. He also needs to figure out how to talk to the boy downstairs. The one with the golden curls and the crooked smile. The boy who is completely monopolising Erik’s messed-up heart. A story of falling in love and being brave. A Christmas tale with a difference, set in the university dorms of central Oslo, where lies are uncovered, snowflakes are falling all over the place, and beds are made to lie in. There is a slightly unconventional family. A mess of animal onesies. Too much food and a very Merry Christmas.

In This Bed of Snowflakes We Lie - Sophia Soames
In this Bed of Snowflakes we Lie
Pairings: M-M

Word Count: 140000

Character Identities: Bisexual, Gay

Summary:  This is a story about life and death, because there was never anyone else for Jens. He had been with Sofie almost all his life, from the day they met at school when they were fifteen, until the day she took her final breath against his chest. She was always everything to him. As he was to her. He never doubted that. Not for a minute.   This is an adventure of hope, where Axel Kleve keeps himself too busy to even stop and think. Work, sleep, eat, repeat. He loves his job as a Midwife at Oslo’s University Hospital,  He’s good at lecturing and training, and now he has somehow been pushed into running “Ask Axel,” a midwifery blog on, the parenting-site everyone in Norway trusts.   This is a tale of second chances. Jens, he doesn't let himself think of Axel. He doesn't think of Axel at all. And Axel needs to stop longing for that one crush he’s never been able to leave behind. It’s just plain ridiculous. He should have got over Jens Sommerfeldt years ago.   A M/M novel full of love and family life, featuring a herd of feral children, a stolen pram, a Midwifery blog and an ill advised stint on TV. Oh yes, and a man who had lost hope and another who never gave it up.

Little Harbour - Sophia Soames
Little Harbour
Pairings: M-M