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Mary Newman

I’m a self-published writer of stories set on worlds that live only in my mind. If you think it can’t happen, well, I do my best to prove you wrong. I mainly write romance because I like to take the most unlikely of couples (or trios) and give them a happily ever after. My characters quite often pick up the personalities of my family and friends – which can lead to the most interesting of conversations, believe me.

I live in the wilds of Northeast Oklahoma with Mija, a rescued hound of unknown mixed heritage, and a rose point Siamese named Kiko who delights in tormenting both Mija and me when we’d rather be relaxing or sleeping.

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Books By Mary Newman

Word Count: 70000

Character Identities: Bisexual, Gay

Summary: Mick lived through hell until he escaped two years ago. He was too young to understand when the aliens came, or the devastation they caused, but he sure knew what growing up in the aftermath was like. Surviving under the thumb of a crazy, self-proclaimed preacher and his equally psychotic soldiers, he lived each day wondering if it would be his last. Arnie has decided to settle down and put the life of a nomad behind him. He has his hands full taking care of three orphaned, teenage boys and helping his chosen family provide for themselves. When Mick decides he’s waited long enough for Arnie to see him as a man, Arnie finds himself running scared for the first time in his life. Arnie dealt with aliens invading their world and taking everyone and everything they could get their hands on. Defeating encroaching gangs and scavenging for food is just part of surviving. A determined young man changing the way he sees himself is something else. New beginnings. Friendships end. Life goes on.

Let There Be Light - Mary Newman - After the Coming
Let There Be LightPairings: M-M

Word Count: 75500

Character Identities: Gay

Summary: They said they came in peace, wanting only to gather the righteous and take them to paradise. The aliens did so much more, emptying entire cities of humanity, destroying governments and political borders, taking all resources they considered valuable, and departing just as suddenly as they arrived, leaving Earth devastated. Their families taken, fourteen-year-old, Luke, and his best friend, Arnie, find themselves just trying to survive. Ten years later, Luke and Arnie are as close as blood brothers. They survive as nomadic traders, traveling the continent, salvaging whatever they can find and bartering for food and water. They trust few, and call no place home. It’s not the life they thought they’d be living, but it’s the best they can do. Rhett and his parents survived the alien invasion by retreating to their bunkers in rural Oklahoma. He keeps his family hidden and only ventures out on sporadic trade runs. Until he is caught by an interloping gang bent on destruction. When a good turn for a woman on her own leads them into the middle of a war between rival factions, Luke and Arnie must decide whether to finally stay and fight for those they care about, or keep on running. Trust is hard when morals and integrity are forgotten words and you’re not even sure who your real friends are.

In the Beginning - Mary Newman - After the Coming
In The BeginningPairings: M-M

Word Count: 47500

Character Identities: Gay

Summary: Prince Itu Graus thought coming out in front of the entire royal court was bad. Being exiled by his father to the frozen wastelands where he struggled just to survive was harsh. But, running for his life is so much worse. His planet invaded and the royal family assassinated, Itu leaves his world one step ahead of a death squad. Hiding from those who want him dead and just trying to survive are now his only goals. Loka Chalce is known as a trader who travels the galaxy to buy and sell goods, but he has a secret life known only to a few as a licensed enforcer for the Interplanetary Council. When a contract comes across the com for a deposed prince who is running directly towards those Loka loves, he only stops long enough to be certain it is genuine before accepting the job. But what happens when the man you have been hired to keep from ever returning to his world turns out to be someone you would much rather protect?

A Prince's Ransom - Mary Newman
A Prince's RansomPairings: M-M

Word Count: 68500

Character Identities: Gay

Summary: Adal has always loved Shiv. But when he declares that love, Shiv walks away and leaves him behind. Adal’s father isn’t interested in whether his only son finds love or not. In his mind Adal is the means to increase the size of the family farm and gain the grandchildren he wants. Adal is so much stronger than that and isn’t going to allow himself to be used in such a way. Rather than submit to an arranged mating, he takes to the stars to find Shiv and make him listen. Shiv thought he was doing the right thing when he walked away from seventeen year old Adal ten long years ago. He couldn’t believe Adal would be able to deal with the fact he was one of the elite Brethren, men trained in the art of delivering death. When he finds out Adal has been searching for him all this time, living through events that would have broken a weaker man, he feels responsible and just can’t forgive himself. Jastl has only ever wanted to be one of The Brethren. And Shiv. When chance throws Adal and him together, he finally sees a way to have the man he’s always wanted. His solution is for Adal to become his mate, at least temporarily, so they can win Shiv over together. Three men on a collision course with destiny. Alone, they merely existed, yearning for something more. Together, they just might learn that love can handle the worst life throws at you, and leave you stronger.

A Warrior's Strength - Mary Newman - The Bretheren
A Warrior's StrengthPairings: M-M-M

Word Count: 53000

Character Identities: Bisexual, Gay, Straight

Summary: Bostel Rogell is one of the illusive Brethren, a brotherhood of the galaxies’ most lethal men. He’s also cocky, irreverent, foul-mouthed, flamboyant, and takes great delight in treating all the universe as if it were some grand joke. Thurus and Zyphra have lost everything. Their family, their friends, their clan – everything – except each other. Twin Hashani who are powerful healers, they join Ubutu Clan and prepare to rebuild their lives from the devastation of the old. When they meet their mate they think maybe life is looking up. Except he’s a royal jerk that isn’t interested in allowing them anywhere near his heart. They may look small and delicate enough they’d blow over in a stiff wind, but strength doesn’t always show on the outside. When it comes to claiming and protecting their mate, Thurus and Zyphra are up to the challenge. If you’re dealing with an arrogant, insufferable, gorgeous, sexy, mouth-watering, teasing, black-haired, blue-eyed, every-inch-a-man, male? Well, tough times call for tough actions and Bostel is going to find out he may have just met his match, or matches.

The Healers' Warrior - Mary Newman - The Bretheren
The Healers' WarriorPairings: M-M-F

Word Count: 54000

Character Identities: Gay, Questioning

Summary: Mango Ururoa has been an agent for the Kawana family since leaving the Temple of The Brethren as a young man. He does what has to be done to keep them safe, following orders without question. It’s a good life, and he lives it with honor, never wanting or expecting more. After fifty years of life, Hashani, cat-shifter, Shonto Galon is sick and tired of being alone. Especially after watching his newly-mated brother live in mated bliss for the past six months. The head of security for his clan is ready for a woman of his own and all the domesticity involved. While serving a mission, Mango gets caught between a rock and a hard place, and his actions lead him into serving a self-imposed debt of honor to Fael and Bonachi, friends of the Kawana family. While delivering members of Bonachi’s crew to a fellow clan’s ship, Mango meets Galon and the two realize immediately they’re mates. Surprise would be a mild term for what they experience. Mango had no intentions of ever taking a mate and Galon can’t understand why the Gods would pair him with another male. It’s not like he’s ever been attracted to one before. Life can be crazy, but sometimes you just have to go with the flow and hope for the best. And maybe, just maybe, the Gods knew what they were doing when they matched up two warriors who didn’t believe love would ever be written in their stars.

His Warrior's Heart - Mary Newman - The Bretheren
His Warrior's HeartPairings: M-M