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Lynn Lorenz

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Word Count: Information not available

Character Identities: Gay

Summary: Jackson has been called to attend his father, Lord Baymore. The man has never claimed Jackson as his son and Jackson believes this might be his father’s intent. He’s left the Duke of Marden’s employ to discover his destiny—to remain a nameless bastard or to claim his father’s name. When Jackson stumbles across a man, stripped, beaten, and left in a field to die a slow death, Jackson rescues him. After all, he’s guilty of the same thing—wanting a man. Will Holcombe gambled and lost. His meeting with a young, willing man went horribly wrong, and now he must pay for it with his life. Until a man walks up to him and cuts him down. Jackson is like no one Will has ever met before—a man strong enough to stand with him, perhaps forever. But Jackson’s on a mission. Will his pride blind him to what his life could be if he chose Will and not his father? Or will his pride lead him to a fate worse than death?

Jackson's Pride - Lynn Lorenz - In the Company of Men
Jackson's Pride

Lynn Lorenz ...

Pairing: M-M

February 9, 2021