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Lex Valentine

An award winning, multi-published, PAN author, Lex is a member of Romance Writers of America.  She is driven by the written word, driven to write them and read them.

Born and raised in Salinas, California, home of the California Rodeo and John Steinbeck, Lex moved to Southern California in 1992.  Creative as well as analytical, Lex is a minority in conservative Orange County where she lives with Rott, her long haired, tattooed husband and a bunch of cats she collectively calls Babies. She has one daughter, a millennial who is an artist and gamer. Lex loves loud rock music from any era, builds her own desktop computers, and has a double helix piercing with purple titanium body jewelry. A former IT Geek, Lex works full-time as a bean counter at a 100+ year old cemetery.

Lex has been online in some capacity since 1994 and has never had an AOL email address.

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