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K G Follett

K. G. (Ken) Follett has lived in Rockford, Illinois for over thirty years. He has worked in marketing, banking, nursing and education during that time. He was recently widowed after losing his partner of over twenty years, Brent Cabrera, to pulmonary fibrosis in March 2020. Follett started writing “A Different Kind of Family” in the mid-1990s when the term “family” was being hijacked by various socio-political groups to be used against LGBTQ+ and other “alternative” family structures. This series of books is his attempt to reclaim that term to be used legitimately for ANY kind of family in today’s society, AND to shed light on what we could lose if we do not remain vigilant in these tumultuous times.

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Books By K G Follett

Word Count: 59000

Character Identities: Bisexual, Gay

Summary: Oliver and Finn met almost by accident.  But their love grew quickly as they found a way to be together and build a life of their own. Keith and Brandon were brought together by circumstance, but it was soon clear they would be soul mates, despite adversities sent their way. Two couples, madly in love, torn apart by tragedy.  Will the survivors be able to find happiness again?  Perhaps “divine intervention” can make a difference.  

The Phoenix - K G Follett with Olkan Servellera
The Phoenix

K G Follett , Olkan Servellera ...

Pairing: M-M

April 5, 2021

Word Count: 58900

Character Identities: Bisexual, Gay

Summary: It was just a one-time indiscretion after an intense disagreement with the love of his life, David Fulbright.  But little did Cal Anderson know it would change his life forever.  The fallout would take him on an unusual quest – sometimes wittingly, and sometimes not – across the ocean and even across time.  During that journey, he would learn that his love for David was his destiny in more ways than he could have ever imagined.  And a young man named Gunter from another place and time would be the one to show him how important that love is to him.  Join Cal as he takes an extraordinary journey to find redemption, and to be reunited with the man who was meant to be in his life.  

A Triangle of Pink - K G Follett
A Triangle of Pink

K G Follett ...

Pairing: M-M

September 26, 2020

Word Count: 33100

Character Identities: Gay

Summary: As Brad Kelly studied his face in the mirror, trying to wake up for “The Big Day” today, he noticed a picture he kept in the bathroom of himself, along with his first partner, Randy Ogden. The picture was taken over two and a half decades ago in front of this very house, when it was brand new. It was the day they moved in, and one of the happiest days of Brad’s life. It was supposed to be Brad’s and Randy’s home for decades to come. Little did Brad know at the time, but the fates had something quite different in mind. Brad’s life would soon be thrown into unexpected turmoil, and this house would become Brad’s sanctuary, away from the storms that were awaiting him. Thankfully his friends were fast becoming the “family” he needed to get him through. And when he comes out the other side, his family if far bigger and very different than he ever imagined it would be. "A New Beginning" is the second installment of the A Different Kind of Family Trilogy. This time in Brad’s life mirrors what was happening in the 1990s as the LGBTQ community began to show it could produce “families” and be a productive part of society as a whole. More and more celebrities were coming out of the closet, and it became easier for gay couples to start families of their own. There were still complications – marriage equality was still decades away, and homophobia and persecution of gays continued. But overall, things were looking up for the LGBTQ community, just as they are in this part of Brad Kelly’s life.

A New Beginning - KG Follett - A Different Kind of Family
A New Beginning

K G Follett ...

Pairing: M-M

July 22, 2018