Jacy Braegan

Ever the dreamer, Jacy’s earliest memories of getting in trouble at school was from looking out the window daydreaming instead of doing her work. Fast forward quite a few years (ok, a few decades) and she can still be found staring off into space with flights of whimsy and pictures in her head. (Just an FYI, she is probably not staring at you.) She is also a huge addict to the feeling of falling in love.

For years, she did the “norm”. She married and had two beautiful little girls. After moving from Mississippi to Oklahoma, she started working with corporate design and development and denied the fantasies in her head. After years of work, she is back to delving into those fantasies and hopes you enjoy them put into words.

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Catching Blue Jay - Jacy Braegan
Catching Blue Jay

Jacy Braegan ...

Pairing: MM

March 12, 2019