DJ Small

There’s probably a lot that could be said about DJ, but sticking to the basics is probably for the best. DJ is a small town guy located in Richmond, VA. He spends his time thinking about situations he would like to put his various characters in. Sometimes he regrets those situations.

When he’s not coming up with stories and getting lost in them, DJ can be found reading or catching up on the latest Shonda Rhimes show. He hopes to one day to be under her employ.

Other than that, DJ is a normal human who is looking to share his gift of storytelling, and is humbled by the folks who read his work.

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Books By DJ Small

Murderous Profession - DJ Small
Murderous Profession SALE

DJ Small ...

Pairing: M-F

August 26, 2019

Reappearance of Summer - DJ Small
Reappearance of Summer SALE

DJ Small ...

Pairing: F-F

October 29, 2018

Avery Lawson - The Last Pureblood - DJ Small
Avery Lawson: The Last Pureblood SALE

DJ Small ...

Pairing: F-F

April 16, 2018

Pool of Lies - DJ Small
Pool of Lies SALE

DJ Small ...

Pairing: F-F

September 26, 2016