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Derain Collier

Derain Collier has an enduring love for the built environment and of fast transportation as an architect and a car fanatic. His life-long obsession with cars has led him down a long, sometimes meandering path to being an author. Mostly though, it is just his sudden craving for romance novels based around cars (Hey, everyone loves a good love story here and there. Don't judge me.)

He practices architecture, and car tuning, as a day job and by night, he continues to explore the various sectors of car culture and unconventional romance in a Not-Always-Perfect fictional metropolis Manzano Springs, New Mexico.

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Books By Derain Collier

Tandem Drift - Derain Collier
Tandem Drift

Derain Collier ...

Pairing: MM, MMM

October 4, 2019

E85 Power - Derain Collier
E85: Power

Derain Collier ...

Pairing: FF, MM, 4+ or Other

June 23, 2019

E85 Ignition - Derain Collier
E85: Ignition

Derain Collier ...

Pairing: FF, FFM, MM, MMF, 4+ or Other

December 28, 2018

E85 Compression - Derain Collier
E85: Compression

Derain Collier ...

Pairing: MM, MMM, 4+ or Other

May 8, 2018