Brea Alepoú

Brea Alepoú realized her dream was to write and tell stories after spending five years in college getting a degree. She has since been writing and letting her imagination free. She thought she would only write contemporary at first but soon found her love for making worlds. So now she rights it all. With her wild imagination, expect lots of different stories, from fairies ruling, to vampires killing everyone, to the sweet loving between two men, passion between two fierce women, or the love of multiple partners. She believes that everyone deserves love even if not all of her characters get it right away. Love is passionate, hot, needy, confusing, painful, draining, fulfilling, and all-consuming.

(pnr, contemporary, fantasy, erotica, romance, shifter mpreg, & rh)

There will be a book for everyone.
Insanity is Contagious.
Brea Alepoú

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Books By Brea Alepoú

Stand-Alone Books

In Debt to the Devil - Brea Alepou
In Debt to the Devil

Brea Alepoú ...

Pairing: 4+ or Other

November 19, 2018

Series: Blood Series

More Than Blood - Brea Alepou
More Than Blood

Brea Alepoú ...

Pairing: 4+ or Other

December 17, 2018

Holiday Blood - Brea Alepoú
Holiday Blood

Brea Alepoú ...

Pairing: MMM, 4+ or Other

January 4, 2019

Series: The Contracted Series

Loves Edge - Brea Alepou
Loves Edge

Brea Alepoú ...

Pairing: MM

November 5, 2018

Loves Choices - Brea Alepoú - Contracted
Loves Choices

Brea Alepoú ...

Pairing: MM

January 28, 2019

Series: Witch Queen I

Beast Caller - Brea Alepoú - Witch Queen
Beast Caller

Brea Alepoú ...

Pairing: FF, 4+ or Other

June 12, 2019