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Bix Barrow

Bix Barrow writes steamy and humorous contemporary MM/MMM romance with light suspense. Connect with Bix for a free novella at

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Word Count: 90000

Character Identities: Gay, Pansexual

Summary: A luscious pet massage therapist, a gorgeous but grumpy ex-FBI agent, and glitter bombs gone deadly. Malcolm: I shouldn’t be jealous of my cat. I am, though. Her pet massage therapist (who knew that was even a thing?) is exactly my type. Smart, funny, and adorable with just the right amount of meat on his bones. But a guy like that deserves more than a grouchy forty-something ex-FBI agent with a broken body and a screwed-up brain. I’m shocked when he offers a no-strings night together, though I don’t think twice before I’m all in. I should’ve known better, because one night will never be enough. But before I can ask Felix for more, our awkward morning after turns explosive. And not in a good way Now I just have to keep Felix alive long enough to catch the bomber. And to capture Felix’s heart. Felix: What would happen if everyone you’d ever dated got together and plotted against you? For me, it’s glitter bombs. Lots and lots of glitter bombs. Okay, maybe I deserved the first one or two. Or three. But I’ve learned from my mistakes and I’m a better person now. I definitely don’t deserve the latest bomb—this one isn’t made of glitter. Now I’m in hiding with Malcolm, the smokin’ hot older client I just had a sizzling one-night stand with. Malcolm might be grumpy and prickly, but to me he’s also warm, caring, and romantic. My exes can’t hold a candle to him. But all that glitters is not gold. The bomber still wants me dead, and I’m pretty sure the police arrested the wrong guy. If Malcolm and I want our HEA, we have to identify the real culprit. I just hope it all doesn’t blow up in our faces.   Head Over Feels is a low-angst MM contemporary romance. Come for the grumpy/sunshine, forced proximity (but there are two beds, sorry), hurt/comfort, and found family. Stay for the bombs (glitter and real), the 1985 Buick Riviera convertible, dreams coming true, atoning for past mistakes, game nights, a dead body, and an online date gone very, very, wrong. HEA guaranteed!

Head over Feels - Bix Barrow
Head Over FeelsPairings: M-M

Word Count: 62000

Character Identities: Gay

Summary: This hot cop is about to collar his man... FOSTER It’s not quite protocol to start flirting right after you’ve flashed your badge at a guy. But I can’t resist Craig, the pet resort owner I’ve come to interview. I mean, look at him in his wet jeans and…is that dog hair all over his chest? I’m dying to ask him out, but first I have to do a favor for my great aunt—okay, she bribed me—and go on a blind date with the grandson of her frenemy. But guess who shows up to rescue me with an outrageous cover story and a rhinestone dog collar?   CRAIG My last excuse for a relationship ended badly. Like, I-needed-two-years-of-therapy badly. But I can’t stop thinking about the hot cop who told me to call him if I had any questions. Trust me, he meant those italics. When I see an opportunity to save Foster in his hour of need, I decide to go hard or go home. And it pays off — big time. But even if I’m ready to risk dating again, is Foster ready for the reputation my little stunt has given him? And when our lives (and bodies) start to get tangled, are either of us ready to let our hearts get involved? One thing I know is neither of us are ready for the guy with a gun in my house...   Heart Me Up is a low-angst MM romance filled with meddling friends, hurt/comfort, game nights, one very uncomfortable couch, and the creative use of dog accessories...   This story takes place before the events in the rest of the Bent Oak, Texas series and can be read as a standalone.  

Heart Me Up - Bix Barrow
Heart Me Up

Word Count: 100000

Character Identities: Gay, Polyamorous

Summary: Two’s company, but three’s better endowed... Weddings can be life changing. At the last one I photographed, I almost lost my life altogether—but despite scarring me in every way possible, it’s at least afforded me the compensation to live as I please. Nowadays, that’s snapping pics of wildlife instead of bridezillas—but when my furry friends lead me onto a nearby ranch, I find myself on the wrong end of a shotgun. Turns out it’s Cole Washburn—newly retired A-list action star—and he doesn’t want anyone finding out just how close he is to Jason, his now live-in “bodyguard”... Not that I’d ever out anyone. I know exactly how hard that decision is. Speaking of hard, that’s exactly what things start to get as soon as I have a chance to explain myself to these mega hunks. Hard to open up to them, hard to walk away—and very hard to ignore what my body and heart are telling me.  After one very naked weekend, it’s safe to say there’s no going back—for any of us. The multiplication of possibilities is just too mind-blowing. But one of us has a past that could take all of us down...and this time, there’ll be no second chances.   Holding On to a Hero is the first book in the Bent Oak, Texas series by Bix Barrow. It’s a super steamy, three-person POV, suspenseful MMM thriller/romance, infused with humor, heart...and a thrilling ending you’ll never see coming!

Holding Onto a Hero - Bix Barrow
Holding On to a Hero