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Ariel Bishop

Ariel Bishop is an American romance and erotica author who feels strongly that all love triangles are best resolved through healthy polyamory. She lives in the Ozarks with her partners, their children, and two bunnies that rejoice in the names Reginald von Pancakes and Snickers.

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Books By Ariel Bishop

Stand-Alone Books

Sure Thing - Ariel Bishop
Sure Thing

Ariel Bishop ...

Pairing: MF, MM, MMF

January 9, 2018

Series: Tripping

Soft Hands - Ariel Bishop - Tripping
Soft Hands

Ariel Bishop ...

Pairing: MM

February 14, 2018

Three-Man Advantage - Ariel Bishop - Tripping
Three-Man Advantage

Ariel Bishop ...

Pairing: MM, MMM

June 2, 2018

Holding - Ariel Bishop

Ariel Bishop ...

Pairing: MM

October 15, 2018

Two Minutes - Ariel Bishop - Tripping
Two Minutes

Ariel Bishop ...

Pairing: MM

July 15, 2019