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Parker Rufus Sinclair

I come from a family of storytellers. The problem for me is that where they tend to be very vocal in their storytelling, when I try it, it all comes out wrong. I keep missing things out, going back to try to put things in, and by the time I get to the punchline, people have either fallen asleep or have moved on to another conversation.

However, as a writer, I can modify that story until it's perfect - okay, you can stop laughing now - or at least until it expresses what I want it to say in the way I want it portrayed. And then I can release that story into the world for people to download, subscribe to, or buy.

I'm an Australian from Brisbane who has lived in various parts of the world, and tried to learn from the stories of the people I've encountered along the way, as well as my own. I am married to a wonderful man who does not always understand me and sometimes he understands me all too well - that goes both ways - but he still loves and accepts me. He too is a storyteller, and we hope to be able to write a series together one day soon.

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Character Identities: Bisexual, Gay, Straight

Summary: "…my heart no longer remains with me, and without a heart, how can it be that I am alive?" L'Orfeo, Monteverdi For Kurt Nash, CIA agent, dealing with loss starts with keeping a promise to scatter Nick Roston's ashes in Pemberton, Western Australia, after he failed to save his friend's life during an assignment in Europe. When he encounters Nick's fiancée, Lucy, who has returned home for Christmas, it allows Kurt the chance to explain Nick's disappearance. However, it also re-opens Kurt's confusion about his place in the world and his sexuality, while still fighting the terror of the event which saw him captured and tortured, and which nearly killed him. Lucy and her brother, Don, open their home to him, developing a friendship which will challenge the views and preconceptions each of them holds. From Pemberton to London to Cyprus to the US, and finally back to Pemberton, Kurt starts to face his grief, guilt, and fears, and the possibilities of a new future open up for him, for Lucy, and for Don, which none of them expects.  

Pemberton - How Can I Be Alive? - P R Sinclair
Pemberton: How Can I Be Alive?Pairings: M-F, M-M