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Duane Simolke

Gay author Duane Simolke received the StoneWall Society Pride in the Arts Awards for his books The Acorn Stories, Degranon, and Holding Me Together. He also wrote New Readings of Winesburg, Ohio and served as editor/co-author of The Acorn Gathering: Writers Uniting Against Cancer.

His writing appeared in nightFire, Mesquite, Caprock Sun, Midwest Poetry Review, International Journal on World Peace, and many other publications. DuaneSimolke.Com includes some of his work, as well as a variety of resources. He lives in Lubbock, Texas.

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Books By Duane Simolke

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Character Identities: Information not available

Summary: “A major voice not only in American literature but also in the LGBTQ genre. Highly recommended.” –Grady Harp, Top 100 Amazon Hall of Fame Reviewer.   We thought the aliens wouldn’t find us. We thought we could trust the Maintainers. We were wrong. The Iroquois scientist Taldra became Leader of our world a year before the alien shapeshifters attacked. Her twin gay sons, Telius and Argen, will rally to her side. Telius, a former time traveler, wants to marry his boyfriend, a former spy. Argen, a prodigy with a troubled past, modifies a handsome captain’s vessel for the battle. Our world’s other protectors hold dark secrets that might pose an even greater threat than the invaders.

Sons of Taldra - Duane Simolke
Sons of TaldraPairings: F-F, M-F, M-M

Word Count: Information not available

Character Identities: Gay, Lesbian

Summary: The Taldra novels focus on gay relationships, people of color, and powerful women. In an alternate reality, Earth is Valchondria. The one-world government consists of Leader, the Supreme Science Council, and a police force called “the Maintainers.” Degranon: A Science Fiction Adventure introduces the Iroquois scientist Taldra. One of her twin gay sons becomes trapped on the other side of a time portal while the other loses himself to the religious cult Degranon. Can they find their way back to each other before the Degrans destroy Valchondria? In Sons of Taldra: A Science Fiction Adventure, alien shapeshifters and the secrets of the Maintainers threaten humanity. Taldra’s twin sons and their boyfriends rally to her side, along with a lesbian Maintainer. First published in 2016 as an eBook, Sons of Taldra now appears in this collection with the revised, third edition of Degranon.    

Taldra - Duane Simolke
Taldra: Two Science Fiction Adventures SALEPairings: F-F, M-F, M-M