REVIEW: Heart Of Sherwood, By Edale Lane

Heart of Sherwood - Edale Lane

Title: Heart of Sherwood Author: Edale Lane Genre: Historical Fantasy LGBTQ+ Category: FF / Lesbian Publisher: Past and Prologue Press Pages: 372 Reviewer: Jaye Get It On Amazon About The Book What if there had been a real Robin Hood, but instead of being a “he” the heroic outlaw was a “she”? Relive the classic … Read more

REVIEW: Death By C*Ck, By Susan Mac Nicol

Death by C*ck - Susan Mac Nicol - Fetish Alley

Title: Death by C*ck Series: Fetish Alley Book 2  Author: Susan Mac Nicol Genre: Paranormal LGBTQ+ Category: MM/Gay Publisher: Boroughs Publishing Group Pages: 195 Reviewer: Gloria Lakritz, Paranormal Romance Guild Get It On Amazon About The Book Somehow, after solving one particularly squirrelly case, Clay Mortimer and Tate Williams of M&W Investigations have been deemed … Read more

REVIEW: The Apprentice Sorceress, by E.D. Walker

The Apprentice Sorceress - E.D. Walker - Fairy Tales of Lyond

Title: The Apprentice Sorceress Series: The Fairy Tales of Lyond Book Two Author: E.D. Walker Genre: Fantasy LGBTQ+ Category: Trans/Non-Binary Publisher: Self Pages: 175 Reviewer: Jaye Get It On Amazon About The Book A lady does not practice magic…Until now. Lady Violette has done everything she can to be a perfect lady in waiting to … Read more