by Charity Parkerson

Yearn - Charity Parkerson - Hellish
Part of the Hellish series:

A cursed tiger. A sexy cop. Nothing in common except a powerful attraction.

It’s been months since Saber was cursed by Baptiste for his mistakes with Evan. With no relief in sight, and his pride stopping him from begging for forgiveness, he’s had to get his adrenaline rushes elsewhere. It’s a move that’s landed him in the sights of a super sexy cop.

Saber Khatri is the opposite of everything Landry stands for in life. The huge blond is wild, reckless, cocky, and—Landry suspects—deadly. Landry knows Saber is keeping secrets from him. What Landry doesn’t realize is that his inability to resist Saber’s killer good looks might literally be the death of him.

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