Winterbourne’s Daughter

by Stephanie Rabig

Winterbourne's Daughter - Stephane Rabig
ISBN: 1620049236
Pages: 370

When her parents are overthrown, Lisette is demoted from princess to servant. Refusing to stop caring for her people simply because she's no longer royalty, Lisette cooperates with the new royal mistress, Emeline, to smuggle people out of the castle.

She also befriends the champion of the deathfights, and finds herself in the unusual—and impossible—situation of falling in love with both of them. Before she can sort the matter out, however, an assassination attempt sends Emeline fleeing for her life—with the new queen's fearsome huntsman close on her heels...

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About the Author

Author with the fantastic LT3 Press.  I generally write fantasy, though I am poking at a horror series. Hope you find something you enjoy!  <3

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