Window Watcher

by Matt Converse

Window Watcher - Matt Converse
Editions:Kindle: $ 2.99 USD
Pages: 92

Murder is in the eye of the beholder. In this M/M nod to Alfred Hitchcock’s classic Rear Window, Heston is a writer who spends most of his life alone in his own little world. One spring day he pulls up his window shades and sees more than he ever imagined.

The gorgeous and younger Icarus wants Heston to commit to love. To prove himself, he ends up trying to solve a murder without either of them becoming the next victim. A peek into a stranger’s life can turn from sexy to deadly in the blink of an eye. What you see isn’t always what you get.

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About the Author

Matt Converse of San Francisco is the bestselling author of the three book series Strip Shot, Behind the Velvet Curtain, and Obsexsion. He also has horror shocker Leather Head and his newest release, Window Watcher. He specializes in m/m erotic romance thrillers, horror, suspense, and mystery. He strives to bring diversity into the publishing world.

Like his idol Alfred Hitchcock, his books are sexy, smart and full of suspense but told in a style one reviewer called "a new kind of writing, like he was speaking just to me." One said of Leather Head, "the suspense tried to kill me." Another called it "The scariest book I have ever read."

A Matt Converse book is simply one you can not put down.

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