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When He Was Bad

by Misha Horne

“There’s no way you’re a bigger pervert than I am. Go on. Shock me.”

Jesse has a secret. A kink. One he’s never going to tell Brian about. He’ll just quietly work it out himself. In the shower. Every morning.

Until the day Brian catches him off guard. Asks him about his fantasies. Once he finds out Jesse’s hiding something, Brian wants all the embarrassing, excruciating details. Right. Now.

Jesse’s in big trouble. Which is exactly where he wants to be.

This FREE steamy standalone short story features M/M sexual situations and humiliating admissions of secret spanking fantasies.

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About the Author

Misha Horne writes write sometimes-angsty, sometimes-sweet, always-kinky MM romance about people discovering who they really are and what they really want... and finding that certain someone they can be themselves with.

​Expect lots of spanking, serious dirty talk, explicit sex, and untidy emotion. Grumpy heroes, bad attitudes, and anxiety are usually on display, and sometimes love gets involved. Okay, love always gets involved. But, mostly by accident. ​If you like stories where things get heated and stay hot, you're in the right place.

​Misha kicks about in Chicago, reading, writing, obsessing over the Red Sox, drinking cheap wine, and endlessly losing at Mario Kart. If it's a super productive day, maybe all those at once!

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