When Fate Falls Short

by Brooke Edwards

When Fate Falls Short - Brooke Edwards
Editions:Kindle: $ 3.99 USD
ISBN: 978-1-63477-593-9
Pages: 64

Childhood sweethearts Nathan Maxwell and Sean Adams took ten years to realize they belonged together, followed by ten years of bliss. When it is snatched away, Sean is left alone with the aftermath. Lost and grieving in a world that doesn’t make sense without Nathan by his side, he struggles to keep himself afloat… until he meets Jesse Lawrence.

The shadow of a congenital heart defect has hung over Jesse like a dark cloud all his life. Nathan’s death saves Jesse’s life by providing the heart Jesse needs to survive, and a chance encounter between their best friends plants Jesse in Sean’s orbit. But how well can a love triangle between a dead man, his grieving lover, and the one with his heart beating in his chest possibly turn out? Real feelings and pure intentions might not be enough.

A Bittersweet Dreams title: It's an unfortunate truth: love doesn't always conquer all. Regardless of its strength, sometimes fate intervenes, tragedy strikes, or forces conspire against it. These stories of romance do not offer a traditional happy ending, but the strong and enduring love will still touch your heart and maybe move you to tears.

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December 2006
Sean’s never felt jealousy like he does when Erin Cartwright materializes out of nowhere in the middle of the school year and hits it off with Nathan like no one’s business.
“Don’t get me wrong,” he says when Isaac calls him out on acting like a jerk. “I trust Nate absolutely. It’s her I don’t trust. She zeroed in on him the second she saw him, not a word of a lie.”
“She’s a transfer, idiot,” Isaac says and punches him in the shoulder lightly. “And everyone in our year except Nate comes off as a jerk on first impression. He literally introduced you to her as his boyfriend. Do you remember that?”
Sean scowls.
May 2007
Sean bursts into the Maxwells’ entryway in late May, almost beside himself.


By the time he reaches the living room, he can see Nathan sitting on the sofa with Tania perched beside him, wielding an ice pack and a wad of bloodied tissues like weapons. He can’t see Nathan’s face, but Tania looks disgruntled enough that it calms Sean down just a little.

Nathan’s decidedly swollen eye, split lip, and bloodied mouth have the opposite effect when he turns his head enough for Sean to see.
“Jesus Christ,” Sean hisses and stumbles around the back of the sofa until he’s crouched in front of Nathan. “What the hell happened to you?”
Nathan stares at him out of his one clear eye. “What do you think?” he asks, but his bottom lip is so swollen and cut up that it comes out more like a slurred "wadyuthi" that he immediately winces after.
“Nate,” Tania says firmly. She glances sideways at Sean. “He’ll be fine, sweetheart,” she assures him. “It’s just bumps and bruises. Not even concussed.” She flashes a halfhearted grin back at Nathan. “There’s something to be said for your hard head, after all.”
“Who was it?” Sean demands, and it takes a mammoth effort to keep his voice from cracking at the sight of the already faintly purple hint to the swelling around his eye. “Was it those guys from the game who tried to get into it with us?” A lump grows in his throat. “Nate, you can’t keep doing this—”
“Hey,” Nate says and reaches out to catch Sean’s shaking hand with one of his own. He shakes his head. “Nothin’ t’do w’you,” he says around a lopsided, painful smirk.
“I think you two have some talking to do.” Tania dumps the ice pack and wad of tissues next to Nathan as she stands up. She presses a kiss to each of their foreheads before leaving the room.
That night finds the two curled together on Nathan’s bed. Sean takes gentle appraisal of the damage with his fingertips. “I can’t deal with the thought of you getting hurt because people don’t think we should be together,” he says quietly. “Nate, I can’t do that to you.”
Nathan groans and flicks him on the nose before rolling over in protest. “Shuddup.”
Sean laughs, equal parts frustrated and adoring, and crowds up against Nathan’s back. He kisses the bare skin of his shoulder and sighs. “Love you.”
Nathan’s response is lost to his swollen lip, but Sean gets the gist.

About the Author

Brooke Edwards is an Australian LGBTQ+ author and dreamer, slowly working her way through the stories that keep demanding (loudly) to be told. She's hopelessly obsessed with procedural law enforcement shows, flawed human beings and coffee - not necessarily in that order.

A hybrid author, Brooke's first books were released through Dreamspinner Press in 2015 and 2016, followed by self-published ventures from 2017. All of her books are available through Amazon.