Wendi and Tink

Scandalous Fairy Tales

by Izzy Szyn

Wendi and Tink are the first in a series of Scandalous Fairy Tales that will have you looking at the stories these are based on in a different light.
Wendi is tired of men that act like little boys. Her latest relationship with Pan ended when she found him in her bed with another woman. But when one door closes another one opens, when Wendi gets a call to come in for an interview with Tee Belle of Tinker Toyz, she thinks her dreams of creating toys will finally come true.
Tee Belle needs another assistant, and believes that Wendi will be the perfect assistant, but there is one thing that Ms. Belle requires above all else: Wendi's Obedience.

Pairings: FF, 4+ or Other
Character Identities: Lesbian, Bisexual

When Pan texted her and said he was going to the pub again tonight, Wendi knew it was time to kick Pan to the curb. She was going to take the opportunity to pack his things and have them waiting for him when he got to her apartment. She already called the landlord and asked them to change the locks tomorrow.

The hardest part, though, was going to be telling her parents that she was breaking up with Pan. They’d started hinting about when she would have a ring on her finger. Not happening, especially with Pan.

The first thing Wendi noticed when she opened the door was the noises coming from her bedroom. “Harder,” said a female voice.

Stopping at her bedroom door, Wendi couldn’t do more than gape at the sight. Leaning against the doorframe, she watched Pan move inside of the woman that was laying on her bed. The woman clawing Pan’s back, “Deeper, harder,” the woman ordered.


“He’s not that big, so that’s probably as deep as he can go,” Wendi spoke up.


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