Web of Secrets

by Terry Poole

Web of Secrets - Terry Poole - Secrets
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  • Web of Secrets
Editions:ePub - First Edition: $ 6.99 USD
ISBN: 9781775377634
Pages: 276

Brilliant surgeon Nathan Kirkfield comes face-to-face with his childhood demons when his parents’ deaths force him back home to settle the family estate. Sent to oversee the sale of the house and contents is former FBI Agent Kelly MacNiel, now of the MacNiel Auction House; he couldn’t possibly have imagined he’d find the young man from a case gone horribly wrong grown into a devastatingly attractive man. The two of them discover a connection built in the ruins from that tragedy.

Now Nathan must decide if he can accept the changes in his life that this relationship will bring while struggling with his boss’s harassment and her threats to destroy his work. To complicate matters, unexplained break-ins lead to an attempt upon Nathan’s life. If Kelly doesn’t conquer the monsters that besiege him, everything he’s come to love will be at stake.

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Kelly instantly regretted not having a weapon of some sort. A gun was not an option, but something would have been nice. He was going to have to take the man down barehanded. So be it. Been there, done that too many times to count.

He gathered his strength, coiled his muscles, ready to spring, when a soft thump behind him broke his concentration. He glanced over his shoulder, then stiffened in shock, his mouth dropping open.

Nathan had kicked the sugar bowl as he attempted to sneak down the hallway, still naked except for those sinful black boxers that hung low on his hips. Clutched in both hands like a baseball bat was a clarinet. Where the hell had he gotten a clarinet?


Kelly couldn’t stop the grin that spread across his face at the sight of the “avenging angel.” That turned out to be a mistake as he was abruptly and violently pushed to the side. A jolt of pain raced across his shoulder, then down his arm as the intruder crashed into him. Apparently he too had heard Nathan kick the sugar bowl and bolted out of the room. A blow to Kelly’s temple drove him the rest of the way down to his knees.

“Kelly!” The clarinet clattered to the ground nearby as Nathan dropped to the floor beside him. ”I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean to hit you. I was aiming for the burglar, not you.”

One hand flat on the floor, the other held firmly against the throbbing ache in his shoulder, Kelly turned his head, trying to follow the intruder’s movement. Black spots danced across his vision, blurring it. He gave up, closing his eyes against the pain. The slam of the back door barely registered through the ache that throbbed its way through his skull. Who knew a clarinet could be effective as a weapon and hurt so bloody much?

“I am sooo sorry,” Nathan repeated as he tipped Kelly’s chin gently up.

Kelly felt the confident but gentle touch of Nathan’s long fingers as he carefully examined Kelly’s head; then Nathan eased his hand away from Kelly’s shoulder.

“I just wanted to help.” His voice was filled with quiet remorse as he deftly manipulated Kelly’s shoulder.

Kelly hissed at the movement.

“Is your stomach upset?”


“Are you nauseated?”

Kelly hesitated, then took a quick internal inventory of his body. He’d been on the receiving end of too many injuries not to know what to look for. “Um, no nausea. Shoulder pain and a mild headache. Before you ask, no, there is no ringing in my ears. No, I am not dizzy, so no, I do not have a concussion.”

“Please let the doctor in the room be the judge of that,” Nathan replied, mildly sarcastic. “Can you at least open your eyes?”

Right, they were still closed. “If I have to.”

“Yes, you have to.”

Kelly sighed as he felt Nathan’s hands gingerly frame his face and turn his head.


Kelly opened his eyes slowly to the most beautiful sight he had ever seen. Nathan’s eyes filled Kelly’s vision, his head barely inches away. Honey-amber rays like golden fireworks flared away from his pupils to spread throughout the brown. Kelly could see the concern in them for him and maybe…something more?

“Anybody ever tell you that you have the most stunning eyes?” Kelly murmured, his voice filled with awe.

Nathan stopped peering intently into each of Kelly’s eyes and pulled back slightly. “Excuse me?”

“You. Have. Beautiful. Eyes,” Kelly slowly repeated. He raised one hand to reach for Nathan’s face, but Nathan released Kelly, drawing farther back into a crouch.

He stared at Kelly for a moment, expressionless. Kelly had no idea what was going on behind those eyes as they steadily dimmed. He could almost see the door slam shut, locking him out once more.

“No.” Kelly’s breath caught painfully in his chest, his hand drifting back down to his side.

Reviews:Maryann on The Novel Approach Reviews wrote:

Web of Secrets is about family, whether biological or adoptive. Both families share in warmth, love and humor. Kelly also has a special understanding and connection with his Granda, and there’s a warm moment between them—which is also a little mystical.

This was my first time reading Terry Poole and I wasn’t disappointed. There’s suspense, danger and humor in the story that works well with the mystery, adding a little bit of twist. This is a fun read

About the Author

Terry makes her home between the two massive lakes that bisect Manitoba in central Canada. She’s always written in one form or another. Her very first book, at age five, consisted of stick figures drawn upon a roll of adding machine paper. When Terry isn't writing (which isn’t often), she can be found crocheting, making handmade soap or hanging out on Facebook.


Her mind has been compared to a train station filled with runaway trains. The trick is to catch one and hang on. So many stories, so little time. Her epitaph will consist of only two words – What if…?

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