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Various Persuasions

by AE Lister

Various Persuasions - AE Lister - Persuasions
Part of the Persuasions series:
  • Various Persuasions
Pages: 208

A non-binary Dom. An eager young sub. Service, orgasm control, bondage. An initial encounter leads to a synchronous exploration of identity and intimacy.

Nic Walker is not your typical Dom—physically female but identifying as male. And Vincent Blake is not your typical twenty-four-year-old straight guy—seductively submissive with a penchant for lacy underwear.

When Nic’s Dominatrix friend Daphne encourages them to get together, she can only hope they recognize the compatibility of their desires and personalities.

Nic has been holing up alone in their townhouse for too long, getting over a bad ‘relationship’, and it’s time for them to start living again. When Nic meets Vincent, neither expects the tentative relationship to take off like a runaway train. But each layer of the attractive and seemingly vulnerable young man Nic exposes ignites their own desires and leads both on a path to revealing the most interesting parts of themselves.

Who knew piano practice could be a form of sexual service? Or that a pair of overpriced panties could inspire such devotion?

Through bondage, service, objectification and the purchase of large quantities of lacy unmentionables, as well as a few specific sex toys and devices, Nic explores how far Vincent will go to please them and how much of themself they will risk to have him.

Publisher: Pride Publishing
Cover Artists:
Pairings: M-NB, Includes NB

Character Identities: Gay, Genderfluid, Non Binary, Pansexual, Transgender

Tropes: Age Difference, Bad Breakup, InstaLove / Love at First Sight, Love Can Heal / Redemption, May/December, Most Mindblowing Sex Ever, Student-Teacher, Tease and Denial

Setting: Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Languages Available: English

Series Type: Continuous / Same Characters


About the Author

Formerly published under Elizabeth Lister, AE Lister is a Canadian non-binary/gender fluid author with a vivid imagination and a head full of unique and interesting characters. They have published 10 books with MLR Press, one of which (Beyond the Edge) received an Honorable Mention from the National Leather Association – International for excellence in SM/Leather/Fetish writing. They currently live in Ottawa, Ontario with their husband and two teenage children.
On Facebook as Alison Lister
Pronouns: She/her, They/them.