Valkyrie III: Song of Darkness

by Mark McQuillen

Song of Darkness - Mark McQuillen - Valkyrie
Part of the Valkyrie Darkness series:
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Pages: 333

Gil thought that the showdown with Malice was a fight of good against evil. The struggle was pretty straight forward or so he thought.investigating Malice's past reveals a deadly foe that may destroy them all.

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Pairings: F-F, F-F-M, M-F, M-M-F, 4+ or Other
Heat Level: 5
Romantic Content: 5
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Character Identities: Bisexual, Lesbian, Polyamorous, Transgender
Protagonist 1 Age: Ageless/Immortal
Protagonist 2 Age: Ageless/Immortal
Tropes: Antihero, Lost Heir, Magic Sword, Menage, Villain to Hero
Word Count: 167,000
Setting: Epic Fantasy
Languages Available: English
Series Type: Same Universe / Various Characters

The first meeting of Malice and Jack way back in the First World War from Valkyrie III.



What are you gonna do if this hair brained scheame doest work?"
Running like hell certainly comes to mind. His grandson replied.
"That wont work not with her son." The elder replied as he sighed. "If you do that your finished she would run you down before you had gone ten yards."
Gil looked at his Grandfather it was like looking at himself at times.
"You know something about Malice, if you know something useful spill it."
"Not anything useful but if you want to put her off her game, send me."
The younger Swanson looked at his elder like the other had lost his mind.
"Why Jack?"
Instead of Jack answering Ashlyn did.
"Because he's Malices Einherjar, the only one that I know of anyway. Hes bonded to her."
The newest of the Valkyries had to sit after that. His wives sat beside him as Jack began speaking.
"It all began in the trenches of the western front in a place called Belleau Wood."
June 4, 1918
Jack Swanson cursed under his breath for at least the fifth time as the Captain asked one of the prisoners for information on the Germans positions. From what he had seen with his own eyes the assault when it came would cost his boys their lives.
They had been questioning these privates for hours whos only mistake had been they had gotten caught.
As they had been focused on the prisoners night had fallen and a fog covered the battlefield like a veil, drawing a shroud over no mans land. One if the prisoners looking out of over the field suddenly paled as he cried one word before falling to the bottom of the trench.
Jack chambered a round in his Springfield as he looked out into No Mans Land. His Captain looked at him worriedly.
"What is it Gunny?"
"Valkyrie.." Jack answered as he sighted down the barrel looking for movement. Sure enough moving amongst the dead was a tall blonde woman dressed in a dark colored uniform or armor. Occasionally shed bend over touching a body then there was an eerie pulse of blue light before she moved on.
The Prisoner on the ground whispered to the older soldier fiercely.
"Get down you fool, if you meet her gaze you will die."
"Get off you daft bugger." Jack cursed as he kicked the man. Distracted for a moment when he looked back up the woman was gone. The old soldier ran his hand through his hair as the officer got more Marines to take the prisoners away as the Captain questioned him.
"What do you know about this Gunny?"
"I tell you what I know Captain, this is not the first time I seen one. Shes been walking battlefields for millenia. She and I are old friends."
"There are actually part of Norse myth but the Huns fear them like no ones buisiness."
"Aren't you a little old for ghost stories Gunny?"
"Not if they keep me alive Sir."
"Hold the position here then. Im going to check on the men."
Jack saluted as the officer moved off he returned to look out over the battlefield again. He was certain hed seen her. He waited looked out there for hours occasionally sighting down the barrell looking for movement.l
With the glow of the full moon which had risen over the fog gave the battlefield an extra chilling quality. Sneaking through no mans land on night like this was a death sentence. Any noise was magnified, a cough a sneeze anything would draw the Germans fire.
As the Marine watched a cloud passed in front of cloud bathing the battlefield in darkness, then another bank of fog reduced visablity to zero.
As if by magic both parted and standing directly in front of the astounded Jack about a hundred and fifty feet away there she was. A tall silver blonde woman who had to be the vison of etheral beauty walking amongst the corpses in a crouch.
Off to her left and behind her Jack suddenly saw a flash.
"Incoming!"Someone down the trench yelled as the shell screamed in.
Jack instead of taking cover was out of the trench running toward the woman who seemed unconcerned there was artillery raining down around her. The first shell burst behind him blowing him off his feet face down in the dirt. When he looked up he saw silver blue eyes staring back at him just before he heard another shell coming in. He grabbed her and then rolled them over to cover her with his body as the shell exsploded short. He took one look around before getting them back on their feet as Jack lead her in a mad dash back to the Marines trench.
Jack leapt in a newly created shell crater with his prisoner in tow. She didn't look frightened in the least, she looked amused.


About the Author

Hi everybody,
This is Mark, welcome to my author page. Author page I can barely believe this.When I started this process four months ago. I could have scarcely imagined what an emotional ride this would be.
I was born in 1958 at Malestrom AFB in Great Fall's Mt. So I was raised in a military family. I was keenly aware of what PTSD can do to family and friends. I kept that in mind when writing the book. Gil Swanson is a combination if things, my father, friends and people I served with in my own stint in the military.
Mist and Sif, the co- heroines are based on the classical Valkyries but in the process of writing them. I was inspired by Wonder Woman, the Aes Sedai of Robert Jordan.
I'm still on the journey and I look forward to have you all come with me.

And remember: "Be careful of what you say and do in life, you never know who's watching."

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