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Valentine’s Day Hero

by Christa Tomlinson

Valentine's Day Hero - Christine Ragland - Heartthrob Heroes
Part of the Heartthrob Heroes Novellas series:
  • Valentine's Day Hero
Editions:Kindle: $ 0.99
Pages: 65

Crimson Force believes in good and fights against evil, presenting a face of strength and honor to the grateful citizens of his city. But he has one weakness – the cyber-thief, Shadow Tech. Behind closed doors, Crimson Force becomes Tristan Alexander, and he lets the Shadow Tech aka Aiden Shaw, control him body and soul.

The physical connection between them is amazing, but Tristan wants more. Unfortunately, a superhero and a modern-day Robin Hood can’t be in a loving relationship together. Or can they?

Valentine’s Day Hero. A superhero romance novella from the Heartthrob Heroes series.


HOURS AFTER THE end of his patrol, Tristan was home in bed. Unfortunately, he couldn’t sleep. His body was tired, but his mind spun with recriminations that he hadn’t been fast enough to stop the bomb and catch Professor Spite, wondering what he could have done different and trying to predict where the villain would pop up next.

Rather than aimlessly tossing and turning until the morning, he decided to put his insomnia to good use. He got up and dressed in one of his hero suits, this one black with a red logo to help him blend into the night sky, and left his house for an after-midnight patrol. As he silently glided over the city, he remained on the lookout for any criminal activity, but his main purpose was scanning for signs of Professor Spite. If his men were scoping out a new place to attack, he would spot them and put a stop to it. But after an hour of flying over the sleeping city, he saw nothing.


Momentarily defeated, Force floated down onto the rooftop of an under-construction building. He stood on the edge, the wind sending his cape swirling around him. From here he could see the lights of the city square, still bright even at this hour. It was a quiet, peaceful moment, the only noise the occasional sound of a vehicle passing by on the street below. But that quiet was broken when the roof access door opened behind him, stiff new hinges moving with a metallic squeak. Force quickly spun around, surprised and curious but not alarmed. A man dressed in all black emerged from the stairwell. Even with his hood up, and the top half of his face hidden behind a black domino mask, Force knew who it was.

“Aiden Shaw.”

At the sound of Force’s voice, the man stopped and looked across the rooftop to where Force stood. A familiar grin confirmed he was correct as to the man’s identity.

“Crimson Force. Out for a late-night stroll?”

Force folded his arms across his chest, floating across the rooftop to land in front of Aiden, blocking his path in case he tried to take off. “I take it you’re up to your usual criminal activities,” he said in stern disapproval.

“You mean redistributing wealth from the obscenely rich to those who could truly use it?”

“No. That’s not what I meant. Stealing is a crime.”

“Spare me your lecture,” Aiden cut in. “I’ve heard it all before.

That was true. They’d had a conversation about Aiden’s chosen path several times in fact, and it led to an unsatisfactory conclusion each time.

“You know why I’m here, but what are you doing up here so late at night? Doesn’t the great Crimson Force do his good deeds during the day when everyone can see them?”

Force’s lips thinned at the dig. But he didn’t address it, choosing only to answer Aiden’s first question. “For the last few weeks, I haven’t been able to sleep, so I’ve been flying extra patrols to make good use of my time.”

Aiden’s piercing blue eyes narrowed behind the domino mask while he looked Tristan over in silent study. Whatever he saw caused a smirk to curl full lips softly gleaming in the moonlight. Not that Force noticed or cared about Aiden’s shiny lips.

“Does your insomnia have to do with the fact that Professor Spite got away again?”

That question snapped his attention away from the fresh scent of peppermint Chapstick teasing his nose. “Yes,” Force bit out from between clenched teeth. He hated to admit to his failure.

“Chill, man. The city is grateful that you were able to stop a bomb from going off in a crowded mall. Every one of those people whose lives would have been cut short are grateful. Take the win.”

Tristan relaxed his stance slightly. “Are you saying something kind to me?”

Aiden laughed. “Don’t count on it happening again anytime soon. So...” He sauntered forward, closing the small gap between them. “You’re having trouble sleeping. I remember the last time you got like this. And what you needed to finally get some rest.”

Tristan stiffened again. He couldn’t look down at Aiden as they were the same height, but his shoulders snapped back and his spine locked straight.

“Do you need that tonight?”

Aiden’s eyes burned into Force’s after he asked the question. Force wanted to say no. But more than that, he wanted to find respite from the turmoil keeping him awake at night. And he knew Aiden would give it to him.

“The door at my place will be open for the next three hours,” he said.

Force turned and flew off without another word. As he soared over the city, headed for home, cold air rushed over his body. But his blood pumped hot with anticipation for what was to come.


About the Author

Christa Tomlinson is a pop culture loving, anime watching, nerdy fangirl who lives to read and write romance. She loves to create stories that are emotional and lovely with sex that is integral to the characters' romantic arc. A St. Louis native, Christine currently resides in Houston, Texas with her two dogs, and is a retired roller derby player.